Rating: R

Strange Happenings

They thought it was just a holiday in Wales, a peaceful few days for Noel and Julian at the Comedian Convention. And then they met Janet. The only problem? Janet’s not exactly human.

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Our Playlist

A bunch of fics inspired from my favorite songs on my playlist

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The Arty Boosh

The appearance of a new model in his life drawing class is quite possibly the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to Noel Fielding. But things get a little complicated once the line between work and play starts to blur.

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My Precious

Written for Toratio on livejournal, who requested “Protective!Julian. Don’t care much of circumstances, just Julian protecting Noel. Hurt/comfort is love.” In a pub, Julian waits for Noel to come back from the bathroom. But he doesn’t come back.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of…

Ianto and Vince are acting strangely…..

This is a Torchwood/Boosh crossover fic. It involves characters from both shows and takes neither dreadfully seriously. However, I think you’d probably understand this without knowing a lot about one of either the two shows involved.

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