Genres: Character Study/Reflection

Howard Moon Wins; Vince Noir Loses

Howard gets sick of Vince getting all the attention and takes steps of a magical nature to do something about it. You’d be surprised how fast something like that can spin out of control – wait, you wouldn’t? Man, you’ve seen this show before, haven’t you?

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26 Fics in 26 Minutes

A story for a song by a band starting with every letter of the alphabet. Ranging from angst to fluff to humour to porn to general whimsy. Encompassing Boosh, RPS, Nathan Barley, Robots in Disguise, and Asylum, and probably a few other things too.

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Jane Eyre vs. The Mighty Boosh

Vince Noiyre, a young governess, takes a position at Thornfield Hall under the watchful eye of Howard Moonchester. But what are those noises coming from the attic? Why does everyone think Vince is a girl? And how old is Naboo?

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