Challenge: Challenge 04: Valentine's

Well, since it seemed to go down well, the next challenge will be Valentine’s day, and I’ll let you go free with it. Howince, Noelian, whatever you feel like doing go ahead. There are no restrictions this week, so go wild, so long as it has something to do with Valentine’s day. I think I’m going to close this challenge on the 15th, so get writing, and share your romantic goodness.

Candy Heart Nightmare

Valentines challenge entry – Howard is tired of being lonely and puts out a personal ad, with messy results. Now he’s being stalked down the streets of London with a love-struck best mate, an aloof microphone, and a pop song that just… won’t… get… out of his head! Most incomprehensible summary ever, but it might make sense if you read the fic. 😀

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