Category: Featured Fic

This category comprises fics that have won the challenges/awards, or just need a bit of attention because I think they’re awesome.

Pea: or, the Rediscovery of Howard B. Moon

A narrative, conveyed with the assistance of Vince Noir, of how Howard Moon realised she was a woman, and what was done about it.

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The Miseducation of Howard Moon

Maverick-about-town and colon: adventurer though he may be, Howard starts to realize one morning that he is woefully underprepared to deal with the greatest challenge that has ever crossed his path.

Murderous Cockney geezers? Pfft. Transgendered psychotic mermen? No problem. Vicious urban foxes? Piece of cake. Best friend laying naked on you in a bathtub?

… better come back to that last one.

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Pelt the Rabbit in his Big White Face!

“There’s this big rabbit and he’s huge, he’s like 6 foot, right, and he’s got this massive face and, I mean, it doesn’t matter where you are, right, you could be wherever, could be by a windmill, it doesn’t matter…” Vince teaches Howard how to play Pelt the Rabbit in his Big White Face.

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Silent Hill vs The Mighty Boosh

Howard, Vince, Naboo and Bob Fossil take a works outing to the sleepy town of Silent Hill. It goes about as well as can be expected. A/N: You don’t need to have played the games or seen the film to understand this – no unusual characters are mentioned. Except monsters.

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