Length: 10-20k

Choose Your Poison

SEQUEL TO SMOKE SCREEN. Noel and Julian: From where it all began to where it is now, and everything in between. Follows them on tour, through series 2 and to where it all goes wrong.

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After The Glitter Fades.

each chapter is named after the song that inspired it – includes how ‘The Tears’ was written.

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The Arty Boosh

The appearance of a new model in his life drawing class is quite possibly the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to Noel Fielding. But things get a little complicated once the line between work and play starts to blur.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of…

Ianto and Vince are acting strangely…..

This is a Torchwood/Boosh crossover fic. It involves characters from both shows and takes neither dreadfully seriously. However, I think you’d probably understand this without knowing a lot about one of either the two shows involved.

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