Genres: AU (Alternate Universe)

Moonstone Cowboy

Come with us now on a journey to… The Wild West and the town of Moonstone. Vince is the cute cowboy with a big heart and an even bigger wardrobe. Howard is the dark and lamenting Sheriff trapped in an emotional cycle of guilt and need. In a world that’s like, but not like, the Boosh we know and love anything can happen (AU). But mostly our lads get in loads of bother. There’s plenty of mature imagery peeps so M+ for sex, violence, hurt/comfort, darkness, slash, angst etc.

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Howard B. Conducts Further Explorations

… And Vince joins her. A narrative following the events of ‘Pea: or, the Rediscovery of Howard B. Moon’, in which Howard’s transition continues apace, and her romance with Vince takes on a new dimension.

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Pea: or, the Rediscovery of Howard B. Moon

A narrative, conveyed with the assistance of Vince Noir, of how Howard Moon realised she was a woman, and what was done about it.

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Vince Noir – Prostitute

Vince Noir has fallen on hard times, and prostitution has saved him. But when it all goes wrong he turns to part time gangster Howard Moon to help him out.

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Captain Blackheart’s treasure

What would happen if Noel and Julian lived in mid 18th century England.

Or what do you get when you tastelessly mix The Boosh, Brokeback mountain and anything by Robert Louis Stevenson…? A twisted Pirates tale.
Beta by the wonderful plainJane.


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