Challenge: Challenge 07: Extended Scenes

The next challenge will be Rewritten/Extended Scenes! So yes, watch your dvds! Find your .avi copies on your harddrives! Use your mental imaging faculties! What scene ignites fire in your slashy little hearts? Which bit could have been just that bit better with a bit of man on man lovin’? Get your slashgoggles on, and give us your version of the Boosh!Specially looking out for all you newbies! Come and have a flounder in the slashpool! It may not be hygienic, but it’s fun!

The Beginning of Something Interesting

For challenge #7, this is a re-write/extension of certain scenes in “Hitcher,” which, curiously enough, has very little of the Hitcher in it at all. This version presumes that Vince doesn’t finish his story about the monkeys because he actually can’t remember what happened. What did happen, then? And how does it involve Howard? Sometimes, one decision creates a bond that will survive time, memory loss, and extremely opposing tastes in music.

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When Love and Death Embrace

This is for Challenge #7, and is Nanageddon from the point of view of the Goth Girls and what happens with them when they storm out of the flat, as well as a more in depth look at the pair and their past. I shall say no more.

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