Challenge: Challenge 09: Alternative Universe Challenge

An AU, for those of you that don’t know, is any fic that doesn’t follow canon. (And canon, for those of you that don’t know, is the established Boosh history, anything the Boosh boys have written in the radio show, the TV show, or the stage show(s) counts as canon. So it’s canon that Vince was raised in the forest by Bryan Ferry, for example.) For a slightly more coherent definition of AU go here; for canon go here.So this challenge is to let your imagination go crazy, and make up your own Booshness. It can be anything from an alternative ending to a scene or an ep (maybe the gig in Electro actually goes quite well?) to a whole ‘nother world – Pirate Boosh? Spy Boosh? Anything as long as it’s Boosh characters – put Naboo and Bollo in a seventies cop drama, if you like, with Bob Fossil as their irate superintendent. And RPS is still fair game – maybe Julian works in a greengrocer’s, but can’t stop flirting with the effeminate yet extremely chic young rock and roll star who keeps coming in to buy strawberries?Any worries about whether your fic idea is AU or not, whether your idea is canon, post them in response to this, and someone kind will help out, I’m sure.Usual rules apply:- Challenge ends MONDAY 15th May, cutoff point will be at midnight, although I doubt anyone will still be posting then.- Maximum of two entries per person.- RPS or fic, s’all good.GET WRITING!