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Welcome to the Boosh Slash Haven

Update (29 April 2014)

Ok, quick update, I’m in the process of uploading the site. I have simplified it a lot. However, I don’t think we’ve lost much (does anyone really care about the updates going back ten years?), so basically we have: Fan Fic (the key thing), Images and Icons.

We have a new banner, made by Azurfemme, and I have updated the site a little accordingly.

In theory, everything should be back as you want it, but if it’s not, email me.

What happened to the site? (4 April 2014)

Ok, Booshers, I know you want your tasty fic, so I’ve put up a mirror site at

Just to be clear, this is fic only. The entire site is not up yet.

As for what happened, I think I’ve figured it out. I threw a few theories as to what happened out there, but then I traced it back with my best friend.

And it’s a long story.

Ages ago, someone contacted me and offered to help me run the Boosh site. I then installed a content management system so that they could take over, without me having to hand over my private login details.

It got hacked almost immediately.

I was unable to remove it. Note to any webmasters: don’t install from control panel. Grab the original source code and manually install. This is the only time I have used the control panel. Never again.

I tried everything to get shot of it, and eventually stumbled upon a forum which gave me a code to run to delete it. It apparently didn’t work.

I threw my hands in the air and thought, “eh, screw it, nobody visits anyway,” (apologies, I didn’t know that you guys did still visit).

You could still bypass the malware warning, so I just left it.

Also, my email then got hacked, so I lost contact with the person who offered to help run the site.

Fast forward to Friday (4 April), when derangedbutterfly contacted me and told me the site was gone. I sighed and moseyed over to the site and it said that “ is nearly here”. Hrmm, that was new.

I logged in and realised that EVERYTHING was gone.

I panicked.

I also assured derangedbutterfly I had some form of backup. However, I really wasn’t clear. derangedbutterfly informed everyone that it would all be fine. I had my doubts, because when I told her I had backups, I didn’t point out that they were only up to 2010.

Then I suddenly remembered that I mirrored the site after the software refused to update.

So, all is saved.

The mirror of the archive (which was what I was worried about losing) is at

The site will be back up soon, I’m discussing with derangedbutterfly improvements that can be made, and if you want to chime in/volunteer to get involved/throw your opinions into the mix, then I’m all ears.

Email Me

Also, massive thanks to derangedbutterfly for bringing this to my attention.