Character: Noel Fielding

Into Trouble

Julian is a drunken hobo shambles, Dee’s got the horn, Melvis helps out. Noel reaps (some of) the rewards later. Filthy moresome porn with no real justification.

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Arctic Conditions

What’s the real reason behind the hiatus of The Boosh? Why did Fielding and Plume break up? Why does no-one ever see The Boosh boys together any more? What lies ahead for the future of The Mighty Boosh?

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Stripping Stone

Noel and Julian’s relationship changes from what it once was, into something new.

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Through the Haze

What is it that Noel and Julian feel for each other? They can’t quite figure that out, or what they should do about it. These two have a long way to go together.

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Choose Your Poison

SEQUEL TO SMOKE SCREEN. Noel and Julian: From where it all began to where it is now, and everything in between. Follows them on tour, through series 2 and to where it all goes wrong.

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