the Satsuma Fight

Howard buys satsumas, you can guess what happens next


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Notes: first time I have written anything like this…

the Satsuma Fight by odessa

Howard returns from the shop. He leaves the groceries on the kitchen table. Vince notices that he has bought loads of satsumas again.

How did their satsuma fights start? They can’t remember. It’s just one of those things they do together. Just the two of them. Bollo once tried to join in with a banana, but they told him it was a game that only two could play.

Vince tries to sound casual when he says to Howard: – “I saw you bought satsumas.”
-“Yeah, the flu season is here, so the vitamins will do us good. I also bought some carrots and a cabbage”, Howard answers.
-“Oh…Vince tries not to sound disappointed. A cabbage? Howard can stick it up his… ”
-“And I thought maybe we could…you know”, Howard mumbles.
A smile spreads across Vince’s face.

Lately the satsuma fights have gone a bit…wrong. They have started to turn into wrestling matches. But what happens during those moments isn’t to be discussed afterwards…

They are wearing only their vests and pants, standing opposite each other in Howard’s bed room. Last time they played in the shop but quite a lot of things got broken and Naboo wasn’t too happy for that.
The lights are off, but they can clearly see each other.
Howard looks so manly, Vince thinks.
Howard is staring Vince’ s hairy legs.

-“Go!” Vince yells suddenly and they start throwing satsumas at each other. Howard made sure they had the same amount of satsumas, but when he wasn’t looking Vince grabbed some more.
Howard is a bigger man so he is a better target, and Vince keeps hitting him, although he throws like a girl. Vince is also jumping around and Howard starts to get annoyed and throws all of his remaining satsumas at once.
-“Hey, that’s unfair!” Vince complains and jumps on Howard’s back. Howard isn’t expecting that and they both fall on Howard’s bed. Vince lies on Howard’s back and tries to keep him down.
Howard is stronger and could easily push Vince away, but instead he waits what Vince is going to do next.
-“You used all your satsumas already, what are you going to do now? ” Vince asks with a triumphant voice.
Howard is enjoying the feeling of Vince’s body so close, but the one thing he hates is to loose.
-“How come you still have so many satsumas left? You have hit me at least twenty times already. You…cheater!”
Howard starts to get up, but Vince pushes him down again.
Howard can clearly feel Vince’s hardness against his back. They lie still for a moment. Slowly Vince starts to rub his hips against Howard. Both have suddenly gone all quiet. Vince squeezes Howard’s arm. Howard buries his head against a pillow to muffle the noises he’s making. He can clearly feel Vince’s penis between his butt cheeks, only the thin fabrics of their pants separating them.

The satsuma fight…It’s a new kind of game now, and they are both scared of it yet each time they go a bit further.

Vince feels the pressure growing and gets up before it’s too late. He’s afraid he went too far this time. -“Don’t call me a cheater again”, he says and knows that he doesn’t sound convincing at all.
Howard is blushing when he stands up too, covering his own erection with his hands. For a moment they don’t know what to do next so they just stand there awkwardly not looking at each other.

And then Howard feels something hitting his leg. A satsuma falls on the floor. He looks up to see Vince grinning.
– “Vince, how many satsumas you took? Where are you hiding them?”
Howard has a weird look on his face and Vince stops giggling.
Howard steps closer and without a hesitation places his hand on Vince’s bulge.
Vince looks shocked. He wasn’t expecting that. Howard starts to stroke him and leans closer to repeat with a rough voice: -“Where are you hiding them? ”
They are looking in each others eyes when Howard slides his hand inside Vince’s pants. Quickly Howard cups Vince’s testicles, touches the soft spot behind them and then pulls his hand away running his fingers along Vince’s erection giving it a final squeeze.
It happens so fast that Vince doesn’t have time to do anything else but to let out a little moan.
And then Howard turns and starts walking away.
-“Howard…you can’t…Howard”, Vince doesn’t know what to say. He has forgotten most of the words.
Howard glances at Vince over his shoulder. He sees the wet spot on Vince’s pants and almost falls over, but manages somehow to walk away.

– “Howard 1-Vince 0” , Howard thinks with satisfaction. Then the last satsuma hits him in the back of his head, and Vince is laughing behind him.

Oh well, there will soon be a rematch, he thinks on his way to the bathroom.