Pairing: Howard Moon/Other

The Last

WARNING! BOOSH LIVE SPOILERS!!! Im so sorry, i was forced to write this! I feel so bad doing this to characters that have only been around for like 3 months!
When your the last two people on Earth, what do you do?
Howard/Sunflash Slash

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Howard Moon, Former Male Prostitute

How Howard Moon ended up as a former male prostitute, how Bob Fossil found out about it, and where Vince comes into the equation. (Although Fossil doesn’t appear until later parts, and neither does Vince.) Set before the time of The Boosh.

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In the Band

Written for accio_arse from the prompt: ‘From back in the days when Howard used to play jazz in a band – with Rudi and Mrs Gideon. Howard’s about to get kicked off the band for being crap, and he’ll do anything to stay. Mrs Gideon never remembers who he even is, so Howard tries to put a move on Rudi so that he’ll keep him in.’

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