Category: Crossovers / Fandom Fusions

A crossover is when multiple fandom characters participate. A fusion is when you take the characters from one fandom and put them in another fandom’s setting. The category holds both. Check the genre tag for which is which.

Strange Happenings

They thought it was just a holiday in Wales, a peaceful few days for Noel and Julian at the Comedian Convention. And then they met Janet. The only problem? Janet’s not exactly human.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of…

Ianto and Vince are acting strangely…..

This is a Torchwood/Boosh crossover fic. It involves characters from both shows and takes neither dreadfully seriously. However, I think you’d probably understand this without knowing a lot about one of either the two shows involved.

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Vince Noir and the Seven Shamans

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Camden, there lived two beautiful Princes. Lance Dior has been the centre of Camden’s focus for years. But now, now Vince has taken his crown. There’s only one thing for Lance to do. Eliminate the competition…

mightyboosh/Snow white theme

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Stardust/Mighty Boosh crossover. Howard Thorn wishes to impress Victoria Gideon by going beyound their village wall to find a fallen star in a new magical world.

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The Mummy Boosh Returns

Sequal to other one. Howard and Vince are still very much in love. But will their love last when they are transported to London, a very familar fmaily’s home and the return of Imhotep.

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The Mighty Shakespeare

A re-telling of Romeo and Juliet, but with Howard and Vince as the star crossed lovers.

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Labyrinth, Boosh Style

After Vince annoys him too much with songs from the film ‘Labyrinth’, Howard finally yels at Vince and tells him to grow up. Vince then wishes the goblins will take him away, which results in Howard’s dissappearence and a quest to defeat the goblin king. Next in my crossover stories.

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The Mummy Boosh

While watching The Mummy on Naboo’s new shaman DVD player, Vince and Howard get sucked into the film and must stay alive until the end to get out again.

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Moulin Boosh

Mighty Boosh X Moulin Rouge. Howard Moon, a penniless jazz musician and writer unwittenly falls in love with Vince Noir, the star courtesan from the Moulin Rouge and finds himself fighting of Vince affections with Dixon Bainbridge, the Duke.

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