Warning: Character Death

Let the Good Times Roll

Old Gregg enlists the help of his old man, the Hitcher, to reunite with his beloved Howard. When Howard goes missing on their trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Vince once again has to save Howard in every way possible.

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Our Playlist

A bunch of fics inspired from my favorite songs on my playlist

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After The Glitter Fades.

each chapter is named after the song that inspired it – includes how ‘The Tears’ was written.

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Vince Noir and the Seven Shamans

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Camden, there lived two beautiful Princes. Lance Dior has been the centre of Camden’s focus for years. But now, now Vince has taken his crown. There’s only one thing for Lance to do. Eliminate the competition…

mightyboosh/Snow white theme

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Captain Blackheart’s treasure

What would happen if Noel and Julian lived in mid 18th century England.

Or what do you get when you tastelessly mix The Boosh, Brokeback mountain and anything by Robert Louis Stevenson…? A twisted Pirates tale.
Beta by the wonderful plainJane.


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Boosht Hollow

After a series of murders have been carried out at the small village of Sleepy Hollow, constable Howard Crane has been called out to investigate them. Can he slove the mystery with his new friend Naboo and his new love interest, the mysterious Vince Van Tassel?

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What If?

Alternate ending to ‘Memories and fear’. What if Vince and Howard weren’t attacked by the drug addict? What if they went to a different place after the club? What if it only took one hit to take away your love? What if it only took one week to be reunited with that love?

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Stardust/Mighty Boosh crossover. Howard Thorn wishes to impress Victoria Gideon by going beyound their village wall to find a fallen star in a new magical world.

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The Mummy Boosh Returns

Sequal to other one. Howard and Vince are still very much in love. But will their love last when they are transported to London, a very familar fmaily’s home and the return of Imhotep.

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