It’s always been you

The tension has been there since their kiss on the roof. Howard and Vince are left alone in the shop, what will happen next?


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It’s always been you by LeHitcher

After the kiss on the rooftop, life had continued on as normal. The usual banter between the two of them continued. It was in a way, as if the kiss had never happened. Howard knew that one thing had changed. He’d never felt that spark before, the one that everyone was looking for, the one that told you that you’d hit the jackpot. This was the person you’d spend the rest of your life with.

It was as if the kiss had left an imprint on his heart, it was all he could think about. Now their playful, bantering exchanges were crackling with a sexual electricity that had not been there before. He was sure that Vince felt it too.

Vince’s outfits had always been somewhat revealing but just lately Howard couldn’t help but notice that the trousers were tighter and the tops showing just a little more of that smooth, creamy flesh. That day, for example, He was dressed casually – for Vince! Howard couldn’t help but admire the way his black skinny jeans clung to his cute arse and sexy legs, as if they’d been carefully sprayed onto him. His electric blue shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows left with an indecent four buttons undone, his silver rock guitar pendant swinging playfully against his chest.

As Vince leant forward to rearrange some t-shirts on display in the shop, he glanced up at Howard his big blue eyes, smoky and irresistible peering through his shiny ebony fringe.

“You’re doing it again.” He teased.

“Doing what?” Howard replied trying to keep his voice neutral.

“Watching me”

“Ha, just checking you don’t go and mess the display up. Again”

“Howard come on, what do you know about aesthetics?”

“When did you swallow a dictionary?”

Vince gave him a witchy little grin


“Hmmm somewhat impressed, now spell it!”

Vince chuckled. He has the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard! Howard couldn’t help but dwell on the sensation that Vince’s voice produced in him. It was like being enveloped in molten chocolate and sweet honey.

“Spelling is not one of my many talents. As you well know.” Vince said this with just a hint of suggestion. It was enough to make Howard’s heart race with desire. What is wrong with me? He’s my friend. We’ve been friends for years. I need to get past this!

Vince sauntered his way across the shop and leant casually on the counter. He examined his scruffy black nails in a lazy fashion. He glanced up at Howard. The air seemed to crackle around them. He has to be able to feel this!

Vince opened his mouth, as if to say something but then seemed to think better of it. He peered over his shoulder at the clock.

“Only half an hour ‘til closing” Vince eyed Howard. Turning on his shiny silver heel he swept over to the door. He pulled down the shutters with one fluid movement and locked the door.

“What you doing?” Howard questioned “Still half an hour to go. Naboo will do his nut!”

“I was thinking maybe we could use that half an hour for something more productive…”

Vince was heading towards him. As he got closer Howard could smell his delicious scent, a mixture of vanilla and hair products. Vince’s pupils were dramatically dilated making his eyes appear wild and animal-like. Howard stepped from behind the counter as if drawn to Vince by some invisible force. Their eyes were locked.

Howard finally found his voice.

“ I suppose we could go to the pub, you know have a drink?”

“Is that really what you want to do?” murmured Vince.

“Got a better idea?” Howard stuttered.

“Oh yeah” he replied wickedly.

Vince quickly closed the gap between him and Howard. Leaning forward he whispered against Howard’s ear. His soft hair grazed Howard’s cheek.

“ I’d say I have a much better idea”

Then Vince’s lips were on his neck kissing and gently nibbling. A low moan escaped Howard’s lips. His skin suddenly felt as if it were on fire. He reached out for Vince his hands in hair, sliding up and down his slender back, grabbing hungrily at his arse. All of the pent up emotion he’d been feeling since the rooftop kiss was building up inside him and he felt himself growing harder with each feathery kiss from Vince.

Considering Vince’s experience, his kisses were gentle and tentative. His long fingers were caressing Howard’s face. He broke away from kissing for a moment looking into Howard’s face questioningly as if looking for approval to continue. Howard had never felt so aroused. He grabbed Vince firmly but gently by his narrow hips and lifted him easily up onto the shop counter. Positioning himself between Vince’s toned thighs he leant in until their lips met. Vince wrapped his legs around Howard’s waist and ran his fingers through his soft curls. Vince moaned gently inside Howard’s mouth.

The feeling of kissing Vince was so intense, Howard could feel his groin tightening. Vince pulled away again.

“Howard, are you sure you want to do this? You know ‘cause of you being a virgin?” Vince blushed slightly. Howard felt his own face flush.

“Does it put you off? My lack of experience?”

Vince looked momentarily shocked. He jumped down from the counter top.

“Of course not! You must know by now, I’m crazy about you! I’ve always looked up to you since the first time we met all those years ago. You’ve made me the geezer I am today. I’m just not whole without you.” The words came spilling out of Vince his beautifully pale face flushed, his eyes blazing with passion. “I want to be your first Howard, I want to show you what you mean to me.”

Howard was overwhelmed by the powerful emotion in Vince’s voice. He knew there and then that he also wanted Vince to be his first. It just felt so right.

Howard undid the remaining buttons of Vince’s shirt and the material slid away from his soft skin, falling to form a puddle at his feet. It was now obvious to Howard that Vince was as aroused as him. The irresistible bulge in those sexy jeans was driving Howard wild.

They fumbled with each other’s clothing. Vince stripped Howard down to his underwear, stopping only to admire his long lean legs. He wanted to kiss every inch of his body. Vince was truly a sight to behold in his undressed state. His pearl white skin perfect, just a single scar on his hip from his run-in with the notoriously hot Nicky Clarke straighteners.

Vince wanted to make the experience special for Howard, a quick session against the shop wall didn’t seem right under the circumstances. Howard was worth so much more than that.

Vince looked around him and spying the chaise longue in the corner of the shop seized the opportunity. Taking Howard by the hand he lead him to the couch and lay him back against the soft cushions. Vince lead a deliciously soft trail of kisses down his torso heading towards his hard cock. I can’t believe this is finally happening! Vince wrapped his slender fingers around Howard slowly running his hand up and down his length. Howard bit his lower lip but could not stop the horny sounds from escaping. This seemed to spur Vince on and he bent down to take Howard’s cock in him mouth. It was almost enough to push Howard over the edge.

“ I want you Vince!” he breathed.

Vince needed no further encouragement. He straddled Howard and slowly lowered himself onto him. Howard had his eyes closed, his face a picture of pure ecstasy. Vince could feel him writhing with pleasure beneath him pushing himself deeper inside him. Howard opened his eyes to see Vince gazing down at him with those beautiful eyes a slight sprinkling of sweat droplets on his upper lip. Vince smiled a horny little smile. They were moving together building a rhythm as one. Before long Vince could feel himself getting closer to orgasm and pushed himself down onto the older man with increased urgency. Howard aware of the change of pace glanced up at Vince just in time to see him climax on top of him. Vince let out a strangled cry. It was too much for him to hold back, Howard came hard inside him.

Vince dropped down beside him warm and exhausted.

“So was it ok?” Howard asked

“It was more than okay, you’re perfect” Vince smiled at him, flicking a raven strand of hair out of his eyes. “I have wanted this since we kissed on your Birthday Howard.” He wrapped his arms around him.

“Really? I hoped but never really believed you felt the same.”

“I’m obsessed with you Moon!” He said with his signature cheeky-chappy grin. “It’s always been you.”

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