Dan asks Jones to try something new and Jones isn't sure if he regrets agreeing or not. Dan/Jones, kind of OOC.


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Notes: Not sure that it’s particularly IC at all but I wanted to write it and these were the characters that worked best in my head…

Jacket by websurffer

When Jones had agreed to let Dan try something new in their sex life, he’d honestly thought that he was up for anything. He was an open minded guy after all, and Dan didn’t seem like the type to be into anything all that extreme.

As what had to be the last strap was tightened, Jones could help but regret not asking for more details before agree to this.

He could see himself in the mirror Dan had set up what felt like hours ago at the beginning of this fiasco. He was seated on a spindly wooden chair in the middle of an otherwise empty room, and he would’ve been comfortable except that Dan had procured an old fashioned straight jacket from god only knows where.

His arms were crossed tightly over his torso, held gently but firmly in place by the canvas and buckles down his back, and Jones was starting to feel a mild sense of panic at not being able to move. Dan didn’t seem to take any notice of it as he slid a padded leather blind fold over Jones’s wide blue eyes.

As the light pressure of Dan’s fingers left the blindfold, Jones really began to panic. He bolted upright and wavered on uncertain legs, unable to use his arms to reassert his balance. Arms wound around his middle and pulled him tightly against Dan’s larger body.

“Jones,” his voice was a harsh whisper, “I really want you to give this a chance alright? If you absolutely can’t take it, we’ll stop, I promise, but you’ve gotta trust me, alright?”

Jones took a few shaky breaths, reigning in his instinctual fear and trying to place his trust in Dan. “Alright…just, don’t leave me ok? Don’t leave me in the dark.”

He could feel Dan smile against the skin of his throat as soothing hands ran down his sides, feeling almost electrifying through the fabric of the straight jacket. “I won’t leave you. Now shush, and trust me.”

Jones swallowed heavily and nodded. He felt Dan kneel down behind him and then there was a hand at his waist, undoing the flies of his jeans and working them down. Normally he didn’t mind being naked at all, never feeling vulnerable or embarrassed. But this time, this time he could feel the heat rising in his cheeks and he had to fight not to fidget uncomfortably.

Dan helped him step out of his trousers and Jones heard the light fwump of them landing somewhere else in the room. He tensed as yet another strap was suddenly being wound between his legs. Dan fastened it off and Jones couldn’t help but let out a whimper as the soft canvas ran either side of his crotch, ghosting over the skin of his balls and pressing deliciously up against him.

He was just starting to wonder how Dan intended to fuck him like this when a cold, slick finger sank knuckle deep into him without warning. His knees gave out and he would’ve crashed to the floor had Dan’s free hand not guided him gently down so he knelt with the side of his face pressed into a pillow.

Kneeling with his ass in the air and his arms unable to provide any support was a deeply vulnerable position and Jones felt the panic on the rise again. Dan seemed to sense this, even as he added a second finger.

“I’m sure you’re wondering how this is working with that last strap.” Jones whimpered his agreement as Dan brushed lightly over his prostate. “It’s specially designed you see. This strap splits just here,” a touch at the top of his crack, “And comes back together here” another touch, this time just ahead of where Dan had his fingers sunk deep inside of Jones. A third finger was added, and Dan fucked him slowly with them as he whispered hotly against Jones’s ear. “I had it made just for you.”

Jones couldn’t help but buck his hips at that, between the hot wet slide of Dan’s fingers inside of him and the heady feeling of the thought of Dan thinking of fucking him and actually buying something and planning for it. Immediately though, the fingers were withdrawn, leaving Jones gasping and whining in need.

“Please Dan…please oooh please.”

There was the sound of more fabric hitting the floor and Jones could just picture Dan stripping off, taking in the wanton image that Jones must be presenting. His theory was proved right when the weight of Dan’s erect cock slid teasingly over his ass. Jones tried to rock back into the touch but Dan just chuckled and held his hips still.

“Please what Jones?”

Jones was practically sobbing, all earlier fears forgotten. “Please, Dan, just fuck me!”

As soon as the words left his lips, Dan entered him in one long stroke. As he bottomed out they both groaned. Dan didn’t give him any time to adjust, immediately pulling back out and gliding in agonizingly slow. Jones whimpered and tried to rock back into Dan, to speed things up, but Dan’s grip on his hips didn’t allow him to move an inch.

“OH god, Dan, please, Dan, faster!”

Dan’s pace didn’t so much as falter and Jones keened and ground his forehead into the pillow beneath him. The slight shifts from Dan’s movements rubbed his sack against the straps between his legs and Jones felt like if he didn’t come right that second he might just die.

Dan shifted angles, pressing himself against Jones’s back to whisper in his ear. “I bet you can come right now, without me even touching your prick. Come on you slag, come for me.”

Jones gasped as Dan bit down on the nape of his neck and came in thick spurts. He could feel the heat of Dan coming inside of him, but it didn’t register so much as a boneless lethargy overtook him. He barely noticed when Dan slipped out and began cleaning him up. He only gave a tiny moan of protest when he was lifted from the floor bridal style and carried off in what felt like the direction of the bedroom.

Dan placed him gently on the bed and slid the blindfold off carefully. Jones blinked in the dim lighting of the bedroom and dreamily met Dan’s concerned gaze.


Jones’s voice was a bit higher pitched than normal, overly breathy with recent pleasure. “Alright.”

Dan smiled and set to the task of unbuckling the jacket. Jones closed his eyes and trusted Dan to take care of his needs. Maybe not questioning Dan’s additions to their sex life was a good thing after all…

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