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APOLOGIES – this fic has not survived the upgrade (hackers infected/deleted a lot of files). If you are the author, please get in contact with your fic to get it re-uploaded.

Vincent The Lost

Howard discovers his friend Vince has been kidnapped by a fae, a kind of ultra powerful and frankly berkish fairy who wants to own every pretty thing in the universe. Against his better judgement, he embarks alone on a quest to get his friend back. Unfortunately, the fae has fallen in love with Howard and he wont let The Mighty Boosh leave without a fight.

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Idiocy and Epiphanies

[A Sweet fanfiction] Pete has never been good at love, it was hard to be when you grew up with no other role models besides celebrities and a pair of parents in a loveless marriage, so when his best friend Stitch confesses his feelings, to say he handles the situation badly is an understatement.

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Choose Your Poison

SEQUEL TO SMOKE SCREEN. Noel and Julian: From where it all began to where it is now, and everything in between. Follows them on tour, through series 2 and to where it all goes wrong.

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