Character: Bollo


Luckily mornings were pretty secluded for the two, so their odd occassional closeness was unseen by others excluding sometimes Bollo and Naboo. Though, unfortunately for the two, things were about to get out of control as the day progressed…

No doubt Vince is popular, it’s isn’t the first time he’s been photographed or mentioned in cheekbone… but what if that publicity gets out of hand?

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Pea: or, the Rediscovery of Howard B. Moon

A narrative, conveyed with the assistance of Vince Noir, of how Howard Moon realised she was a woman, and what was done about it.

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Our Playlist

A bunch of fics inspired from my favorite songs on my playlist

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Too Late?

Vince discovers Howard and Old Gregg together and with it a love he never knew existed…but will it be too late now that Howard is with someone else? How with the boys cope with being separated, perhaps indefinitely?

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