Challenge: Challenge 05: Picture Challenge

Here be 6 pictures from the Pilot episode of the Boosh Tundra”. These are your inspiration, your illustrations, your nightly pixellated companions… Use them as you will…Mention which pic you used for your story, or even add it in if you fancy :) The fic doesnt need to be about the pilot. It can be about anything! Again, its maximum two fics per person. Challenge ends on the 1st of March!

Deep Eremophobia

Pic challenge entry – Why does Howard hate to be touched? Vince wishes he knew, and wracks his thick brain and dim memory for the answer to the mystery. Will he find the answer by remembering what really happened up in the Arctic? Shouldn’t he consult a dictionary for big words like pteronophobia? And what’s Dixon Bainbridge forcing Howard to do now that Howard’s been demoted to his personal valet? So many questions! Read on, to discover the answers.

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