Length: 30-40k

Arctic Conditions

What’s the real reason behind the hiatus of The Boosh? Why did Fielding and Plume break up? Why does no-one ever see The Boosh boys together any more? What lies ahead for the future of The Mighty Boosh?

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Stripping Stone

Noel and Julian’s relationship changes from what it once was, into something new.

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URBAN WILDLIFE BLUES or Maybe not the Tail You Thought It Was

What starts as a new departure for Howard and a surprise for Vince swiftly turns into a [nail-bitingly terrifying/ridiculously overblown*] race against time to thwart an old enemy.
*delete as applicable

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Captain Blackheart’s treasure

What would happen if Noel and Julian lived in mid 18th century England.

Or what do you get when you tastelessly mix The Boosh, Brokeback mountain and anything by Robert Louis Stevenson…? A twisted Pirates tale.
Beta by the wonderful plainJane.


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The Mighty Shakespeare

A re-telling of Romeo and Juliet, but with Howard and Vince as the star crossed lovers.

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