Challenge: Challenge 06: Boosh on Tour

Now I know what you’re thinking. Don’t think that.How about Rudi and Spider conquer a small Shetland island? Howard and Vince take their Elecro Jazz Funk Pop to the music starved masses? Naboo and Bollo get very drunk and pass out on their zookeeper groupies?This challenge can include the current Boosh tour. If you would like to use the tour, or parts of, in your story, then please put a spoiler warning!Oh the possibilities!

Future Sailors: The Aftermath.

The kinky aftershow events when the Future Sailors Tour finally ends.

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I’m Old Gregg: Photos Taken from their UK Tour, ‘06

A sort of A/U for “The Legend of Old Gregg”. What if Vince hadn’t rescued Howard? What if Howard had been forced to marry Gregg and form a band?

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