Moonstone Cowboy

Come with us now on a journey to… The Wild West and the town of Moonstone. Vince is the cute cowboy with a big heart and an even bigger wardrobe. Howard is the dark and lamenting Sheriff trapped in an emotional cycle of guilt and need. In a world that’s like, but not like, the Boosh we know and love anything can happen (AU). But mostly our lads get in loads of bother. There’s plenty of mature imagery peeps so M+ for sex, violence, hurt/comfort, darkness, slash, angst etc.


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Notes: Back in 2015 I was given the idea by a fellow Booshlr on Tumblr to write a cowboy/western based Boosh fanfic. On the 8th June 2021 I finally finished. A lots happened in those years, but my love for Noel and Julian and the world of The Mighty Boosh has never ebbed. It’s to the Boosh I always turn when life gets a bit hard.

So my fic is very long, it’s very angsty, it’s a bit naughty and it’s a pretty silly, but I hope it offers something for everybody.

Over on the Moonstone Cowboy Tumblr there are some lovely sepia pics to get you in the mood for this western romp.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Love to you all. Worriedeye Xx

Word Count: 140,293