All Fic Migrated

All fic has now been successfully migrated from the old archive (eFiction) to the new one (WordPress).

If you didn’t read the first post I made about this (I don’t blame you), it’s because eFiction is ancient, out of date, prone to getting hacked, and throws a complete wobbly if you use a character that isn’t alphanumeric. For example, every writer who used € (the Euros symbol), awesome, you’re perfectly in character, but also nobody else will be able to read it, the site will just show a black square with a question mark in it. This is not a problem in WordPress. WordPress laughs in the face of formatting issues.

I’m now in the process of writing out a FAQ on how to use the archive from a writer’s point of view and that will be up shortly. If you’re a reader, click on any of the links to the side, you can filter by category, ship, character, whatever you like. Then just get reading. Simples.

Out of the 506 fics uploaded, 12 are missing. This is actually less than are missing on the old archive, so that’s something. If you’re interested or if you’re an author of a missing fic, go here to read more about it.

So, the site is functional now. Next up, I deal with the screen caps/media section of the site.

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