Squirt, squirt. Wipe.

Character study of Mr Susan







Length: words

Notes: This was supposed to be for the challenge. Cept… it didn’t work. So, not for the challenge. It turned out more of a character study. Weeeeird, huh?

Squirt, squirt. Wipe. by phoon

Squirt, squirt. Wipe.

Deep sigh.

Squirt, squirt. Wipe.

This was what his life was reduced to?

Squirt, squirt. Wipe.

And it had all seemed so promising at one point. He had been young, attractive, or so he thought. Far too fond of himself, most said. And there was nothing he liked to do better than watch himself in mirrors. Sparkly clean mirrors.

Squirt, squirt. Wipe.

And now… A tragic tale in its simplicity. He, as had so many before, got his comeuppance.

Squirt, squirt. Wipe.

Cleaning mirrors. Sparkling, taunting mirrors, forever showing him what he had become. Never mind that there was no dust in the Mirrorworld. No grime, no filth, no dirt of any kind.

Squirt, squirt. Wipe.

Nothing else to do. He sang to himself, to pass the time. Little ditties, just in case.

Squirt, squirt…. He watched the cleaner drip down the sparkling glass., distorting his image .

Of course, there had been that one person recently. Young man. Fabulous hair. Reminding him of what he used to be like.

Squirt, squirt… Onto the next mirror.

What was his name? Vince. Hm, Vince. Breaking the monotony.

Squirt, squirt… And onto the next mirror

He had left rather abruptly, of course. Only to reappear a while, moments, hours, later, dragging a tall scruffy man in an ape suit along.

Squirt, squirt… Onto the next mirror.

He should have changed the mirrors around.

Squirt, squirt…

He looked around, at 17 versions of himself, at deforming, dripping, sparkling mutations.

Next time, he thought.

Mr Susan allowed himself a small smile.

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