Friendlier Than Usual

Julian gets to thinking about Noel and wonders what it would be like to be with him.


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Notes: Hi everyone! I’m new here, but I’m not new to The Boosh and I’ve been loving Julian and Noel for a good few years. I only came across this community today and to celebrate joining, I thought I’d let you all have this.

Friendlier Than Usual by raynor

He always dressed quite flamboyantly, sort of a mixture between the clothes that women would wear, and those who belonged in an insane asylum would own. Julian had never really understood his crazy dress sense for some reason, his philosophy on clothes was simply that they were useful items which stopped you being publicly naked, and therefore stopped you being publicly humiliated, embarrassed and ripped the piss out of.

Sometimes though, when he stopped to think about it, Noel’s clothes always left everything to the imagination, whilst leaving absolutely nothing to imagination at the same time. He was a walking contradiction. You could analyse his outfit down to the bone… right down to his prominent skinny hipbones for that fact. Julian took glanced at Noel out of the corner of his eye. He was talking to Michael who looked, as always, slightly embarrassed that his brother looked like an 80’s Vogue reject… quite possibly one from the Madonna era.

Julian licked his lips unconsciously. Those red cowboy boots… they probably meant he was an animal in bed. Julian could imagine pushing him up against the wall, completely naked apart from those cowboy boots and licking and stroking his long, slender neck until he couldn’t stand it anymore and had to have him right there and then. Black skin-tight trousers… they probably wouldn’t come off very easily, they’d have to be slowly peeled away to reveal what was underneath. And knowing Noel, he probably didn’t wear any underwear. After all, the trousers alone were tight enough to restrict the airflow, never mind adding another item of clothing underneath them. And besides, if he did wear underwear, wouldn’t they leave visible lines under those skin-tight legging-things? Probably.

Julian sneaked a glance at Noel’s thighs and decided that he was right. Definitely no underwear under those things. His eyes travelled up to Noel’s bright pink shirt and oddly coloured scarf. God, the things that could be done with that scarf. It could be slowly removed, or quickly whipped away, or pulled away by teeth… then the shirt could be carefully unbuttoned, each inch of chest being revealed a millimetre at a time. Being caressed, enjoyed, licked and gently bitten until-… no, he bet that Noel was different every time you slept with him. Sometimes he would be rough and needy, and other times slow and loving, but always so fucking good, and more than likely–

“Ju. Ready to go mate?” Noel was standing straight in front of Julian, interrupting his thoughts. Julian’s eyes were staring straight into Noel’s crotch level, partly because Noel was standing so close to his face that there was nowhere else for him to look, and partially because his eyes had been drawn there thanks to the more than friendly things he had been thinking.

Julian cleared his throat and stood up as Noel backed away to give him enough room. “Yeah.” He coughed again. “So where are we going? Walk in the park? Ice cream sandwich place? The marina?”

Noel stared at him with big, beautiful blue eyes. “Nah poppet. Your place or mine?”