Boosh Fluff

Wheeel I likes the Boosh slash but I like to write angsty stuff but Rowan (coosine) made me write fluff for her. So here it is. Pure love stuff. Ain’t they so pretty!?!?


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Notes: Fluff for ma Coosine (phoon)

Boosh Fluff by tundra_boy

Julian loved lying in bed next to Noel. He loved the fact that his body fit exactly with his in sleep. He loved the noises he made when he moved. The incoherent mumblings. He loved the fact that when Noel turned, he always nuzzled his face into Julian’s neck. He loved it when Noel woke up in the middle of the night, horny and willing and would wake Julian with an urgent kiss, hands gripping, hips grinding, bringing him to orgasm so quickly that he’d barely had time to open his eyes to see the beautiful blue orbs bearing into his soul before he was lost.

Julian loved watching Noel paint. The concentration on his face, the tongue peaking out of the side of his mouth. He loved walking in on him when he was shirtless, covered in paint, hair mussed. He loved slipping his arms around that slim waist, feeling the bones in his hips with his fingertips, letting his hand slip down into the waistband of his jeans. Feeling Noel jut and shudder against him. He loved letting Noel paint him, push him down and slide the brush over his chest, giggling to himself as he did so. He loved it when Noel grinned at him, running his tongue over his lips.

Julian loved seeing Noel getting chatted up by pretty boys in clubs. He loved watching Noel lead them on, dance provocatively with them. Flirt. Run his fingers through their hair. Grind his hips in time with theirs. All the time looking over at Julian, biting his lip, knowing Julian could never resist that look. Never.

Julian loved the fact that Noel was romantic but would never admit to it. He loved finding little notes around the house with tiny drawings saying how much he cared. He loved having a bad day because when he got home Noel would run him a bath and kiss all his worries away. He loved the sweetness in his voice when he wanted to tell him that he loved him, that he had always loved him, that he had never loved anything else. Would never love anything else.

Julian loved kissing Noel. He loved the fact that the world went away as soon as those lips touched his. Sometimes so tender that Julian knew he could just keep falling and falling in love and never stop. He loved the taste of Noel, the sweetness. He always tasted of mint. He loved it when Noel was so rough that his lips became bruised, that he could taste blood. He loved the little kisses Noel planted on his neck when he was tired and wanted to go to bed but Julian had to finish the latest piece of music he was working on. He loved feeling Noel grin into his mouth when his unshaven face tickled him.

Julian loved wanting him. Needing him. Aching for him. He loved the feelings because they terrified him. Made him worry if he lost him. Made him panic and want to hold onto him all the more.

But most of all Julian loved Noel because Noel loved Julian. He loved him. Would always love him. Grip him tight in his arms at night and let him sleep safe. Julian loved Noel because Noel loved him. Purely.