Julian takes a special interest in Noel, yet he's struck by denial ... for a while, anyway.


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Chapter Notes: the paragraphs that are in italics are Julian’s thoughts. hope you enjoy. (: x

Noel’s chest rose and fell beside Julian. If Noel found Julian watching him, he wouldn’t sleep for months. In a way, Julian sort of wanted this to happen.

Any excuse to speak a little longer to his best friend.

Just a second longer.

Noel shifted uneasily under the covers, as if he felt the presence of Julian’s eyes upon him.

Julian took a sharp intake of breath, and held it in his chest until he was certain Noel was resting peacefully. He sighed deeply, relief momentarily overcoming his slight panic.

Until Noel’s voice came from beneath the sheets, muffled from the blankets that lay upon him.

‘Stop watching me, you big freak. I’m trying to sleep.’

‘Sorry’ was all that Julian could manage to say. ‘Sorry’.

I’m such an idiot! Why sit here watching him? He’s right, I am a big freak. That’s all I’ll ever be. Why try and change? I always find myself returning to my usual self.

Watching my friend sleep? How many normal people do that?

I’m such a berk.

‘You’re still doing it’, Noel grumbled, voice making it obvious that he had just awoken.

‘Sorry, I’ll go now, leave you alone’ Julian whispered, suddenly realising how silent the house was, not wanting to disturb the peace that flowed between the walls, curtains, windows and floor. It circulated through the entire house, and Julian didn’t want to disrupt it by raising his voice.

‘It’s alright, I’m up now anyway. May as well make the most of it, get some work done.’

Julian stood uneasily, not sure if Noel was just trying to make he situation less awkward, or if he actually wanted to get work done. Noel wasn’t really a good person for doing work, so it made him slightly suspicious.

He thought he’d give it one last try to get an answer to his thoughts.

‘You sure? You can stay in bed if you want. I’m leaving now, so you won’t be watched or bothered anymore.’

‘You were watching me?’ Noel questioned, eyes squinting as he emerged from under the covers.

Shit! Why say watched? Why? What did I gain from that?

I shouldn’t be allowed to speak EVER.

This is just typical me.

‘No! I’m just saying that there wouldn’t be anyone around to watch you. . . even though there was no one before. I know how you like the attention’ Julian spluttered, desperate to prove he wasn’t peering over his friend while he slumbered.

‘Liar. You blatant liar. You should never lie to me, you know I can always tell. . . Anyway, forget about it. Go make me breakfast.’

Noel pointed exaggeratingly at the door, grinning mischievously as Julian lowered his head and shot through the door and down the stairs, quick as lightning.

Julian’s cheeks glowed red in the darkness of the hallway, his hiding unconvincing, his blushing giving him away. Trying to camouflage into the blackness was getting him nowhere.

Right, now this is just great. Noel thinks I’m an utter pillock, and now he believes he’s the boss of me. ‘Go make me breakfast’, who does he think he is? He’s not the boss of me. No one is. But if there was, it certainly wouldn’t be him. Why would he even think that?

If anyone, he’s the berk, not me.

Julian reluctantly headed to the kitchen and towards the toaster. He hesitated, unsure of what to make Noel. It seemed more like lunch-time than breakfast. The clock confirmed his suspicions. 11:44 AM.

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