Let the Good Times Roll

Old Gregg enlists the help of his old man, the Hitcher, to reunite with his beloved Howard. When Howard goes missing on their trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Vince once again has to save Howard in every way possible.


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Notes: This is a dark story dealing with rape, child neglect, drug use, abandonment, death, PTSD and all those potentially triggery concepts. While it’s also silly at times and ultimately a story about overcoming struggles, BE WARNED!

This is an epic, angsty and possibly very triggery piece. Rape and non-consensual sex are explored from violent attacks to manipulation and how a victim is re-victimized by stereotypes and assumptions. There’s also loss and child neglect and mental illness. While it is ultimately a very positive story about survival, it is not for everybody!

Let the Good Times Roll by concupid