Bob tries to find Joey for 'fun time', but Joey is nowhere to be seen.


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Loved. by davebollosex

He was an angry lover.

He was a passionate lover.

He was a kinky lover.

But most importantly, he was Joey’s lover.

Always had been.

Always will be.

And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He couldn’t have it any other way.

Afterall, it was a large part of his job description.

Keep the employees happy at any cost.

‘At any cost’, a phrase that Bob fossil, zoo manager, took very much to heart.

This was well known throughout the zooniverse, and no one was as familiar with this as Joey Moose.

The Australian, tomato-loving zookeeper.

The only one with the knowledge abling them to keep the zoo running.

He was essential.

But what Bob heard was ‘Whatever Joey wants, Joey gets’.

No questions.

No explanations.

No hesitations.

And absolutely no rejections.

Joey knew this.

Joey bragged about this.

Joey abused this.


Bob didn’t mind.

He looked forward to their next encounter.


Sometimes he pondered whether it meant anything to Joey, but when he ended up bound and gagged for the third time in the space of two days, he knew it secretly did.

There was nothing Mr Moose liked more than assaulting his boss.

And Bob found nothing more erotic than being beaten by his inferiors.

But there was a special place for Joey.

It was called ‘the dungeon’.

No one else knew of its existence, once being Bainbridge’s secret lab, until he mysteriously disappeared one night in May.

It was home to Joey’s and Bob’s ‘fun-time’.

All events undertaken there were confidential.

Or so Bob thought.

Truth is, Joey showed off his power at every given moment, and told his collegues of their antics.


The most sex-filled day of the week for the two of them.


But not today.

Bob was waiting at the same bench he always did.


Fun time.

Yet, no Joey Moose today.

Bob waited for a little over an hour before his job required him to be elsewhere.

Not that he usually did his job, but, honestly, he just wanted someone to take his mind off his wretching heart.

He thought Joey meant nothing to him.

He was wrong.

Joey meant everything.

And it was his goal to find out where Mr Moose had disappeared to.

An announcement blared across the tannoy, sounding urgent, calling Joey Moose.

Bob’s yearning heart forced him to do this.

And to be honest, his brain didn’t put up much of a fight.

Actually, it was less of an announcement, and more of a kind of wierd mating call.

Appealling only to Joey.

Most of the time.

But Mr Moose was nowhere to be seen.

Not in any of the enclosures.

Not even in the kiosk with Naboo.

One place left, and Bob bet his bottom dollar that he would be there.

Vince and Howard’s hut.

He charged in, anger welling up inside when he finally realised just how much he’d been neglected.

The door slammed into the wall, and hurtled backwards, causing Fossil to swerve violently.

The scene that confronted him almost induced vomitting.

Joey Moose, the marsupial expert, was reading.

Bob ran from the room in complete disgust, and refused to listen to any of Joey’s explanations and pleas of temporary insanity.

The evil of the books had struck.

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