Staying In

Short Hallowe'en fluff.

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Staying In by justjen

Three party invitations lay on the table, each one a variation on the theme of bats, cobwebs and blood on black paper. Beside them, the newspaper lay open at the Local Entertainment page; a blue biro circle had been drawn messily around an ad for a zombie film festival.

By the sink sat two empty glasses and one bottle of La F�e, almost drained.

One shoe – black patent leather with an impossible heel – had been discarded in the middle of the floor. Its partner lay by the bedroom door.

The dim glow of a blue light bulb cast an ethereal glow which was reflected by the buckles and chains adorning the skirts and jackets and boots which lay abandoned on the bedroom floor.

From a small stereo in one corner of the bedroom, a hypnotic beat oozed out, slow and sultry, not quite loud enough to disguise the moans and sighs that came from the bed. One bare leg was visible where the blankets had been kicked aside, wrapped around a slightly longer, black stocking-clad leg.

As the amorphous shape beneath the covers began to move faster and more violently, the sounds increased in volume until one high pitched shriek filled the room. Several seconds of silence followed, punctuated by a breathy laugh.

“Okay, you were right,” the laugher whispered. “Staying in was a much better idea.” The soft swish of skin brushing on skin was the only clue as to why the speaker made no further sound.

“Far too dull out there,” replied the other one, voice slightly muffled by the blankets and by the act of pressing lips against warm flesh. “Much scarier in here.”

A sharp gasp arose from the first; the dim light of the bedroom was not enough to see the way that skin turned red under sharp teeth.

“Thank God for that!” laughed the first, and a moment later the moans began again.

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