Noel and Dave refuse to share their inner-most thoughts. . .


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Notes: Disclaimer: this is completely made up out of my weird little mind. Dave and Noel are real people, but i seriously doubt they’ve been involved in such antics as this.

Silence. by davebollosex

Chapter 1

10:30PM-5th November. A shiver ran down Dave’s spine, for it was the coldest night of the year, but he didn’t care. He huddled comfortably close to his companion, under twilight. Stars were concealed by clouds, yet tonight was somewhat romantic. Dave couldn’t quite place his finger on it.
The light danced remarkably against the black back drop. They sat in silent admiration, daring not to speak. No one wanted to ruin this moment. Seconds lasted lifetimes.
The only thing to break the solitude was the occasional bang of fireworks in the distance, from people celebrating the avoidance of a disaster however many years ago.
They sit there, contemplating.
Contemplating the usefulness of this holiday, and if anyone really cares what happened, or just want another excuse to drink themselves senseless.
Their silent thoughts collided in the night’s air, formulating a ‘BANG,’ causing them both to jump and let out a restrained gasp.
They’d have to speak now. Its inevitable. The once silent understanding was now flooded with awkwardness and embarrassment.
But, no. Nothing. They both refused to speak. But why? Would it be any more awkward if they spoke?
They’d waited too long. now they were in competition as to who would have to speak first. The tension was too much and Dave let out a squeak.
It was just the two of them, and both avoided verbal contact.
For the other man was none other than Mr Noel Fielding: God of Trendys, Communicator of Animals, Holder of Dave’s heart.
Dave wasn’t gay, he knew that for certain. Noel’s about as close as you can get to a woman without actually being one.
Noel wasn’t gay either, but there was something in Dave’s eye, something mysterious, and strangely intoxicating. There was something sexy about the way he sipped his drink and nervously played with his hair.
Noel noticed things about him. Things he didn’t notice with other men, not even julian.
He felt a connection to dave, deep and powerful. Yet there was something hidden behind his sparkling blue eyes, something that intrigued and attracted Noel. It called out to him.
‘So what if he has a girlfriend’ he thought, ‘so do I, and I’m still willing to . . . ‘ his thoughts dragged on as he pondered his willingness, and how far he’d go to find out the secret buried amongst Dave’s other ideas and emotions, that caught his attention so effortlessly.

Julian stumbled through the doorway and into the darkness of the back garden. he knew not where he was, and to be honest, he didn’t care. he just slumped onto the decking. . .he was aiming for the cushion placed about 5 inches away, but with the combination of the dark, and his blurred, drunken eyes, he knew he was never going to reach his destination. his fall temporarily broke the silence that seemed to linger in the air, but soon enough, that same awkwardness that they’d become familiar with was back again, and stronger than ever. Julian sprawled across the decking, limbs in all funny directions. ‘another person just using this celebration as an excuse to get drunk’ Dave thought, ‘well, good for him. At least one of us is.’
Noel rolled his eyes, and Dave tutted at their almost-paralytic friend, spread across the hard wooden floor, snoring heavily. They momentarily made eye contact, and Noel grinned mischievously. Dave returned his smile with a fluttering of his lashes, then fell away to sup his drink, precariously watching Noel for a reaction, but Noel just sat there, unaffected and, seemingly, unaware of Dave’s response.
‘Maybe I didn’t do it right’ Dave pondered, ‘maybe it just looked like I had something wrong with my eyes. Should I try again? Or has the moment passed?’
Of course noel noticed. He notices everything dave does. How he sighs at public displays of affection, how he never seems to be phased by change, how he drinks yet never seems to get drunk, how he’s not ashamed of crying and how he flirts yet hasn’t got a clue that he’s doing it, and doesn’t have a clue when people are flirting with him.
Of course he noticed, but what was he supposed to do? It was too late now. All he could do was imagine. Sit in silence and imagine.
Dave was a little worried now. Noel hadn’t said anything in, what seemed like, a lifetime. Hadn’t even shot him a sideward glance. Absolutely no recognition what so ever. A thought crossed Dave’s mind. A thought that he daren’t think about, yet it was lodged into his brain like a dagger. He scared Noel.
Dave’s eyes watered in the corners. ‘Oh no. now noel’s definitely just gunna think I had something wrong with my eyes’ He thought.
In actual fact, Dave was crying, and noel hadn’t noticed. He just sat there and refused to look at dave, assessing the situation he faced.
Dave didn’t want to make any noise, he didn’t want to move. So he just stayed there, tears streaming down his face, whilst noel repressed his true thoughts and feelings, oblivious to his crying companion slouched beside him.

Julian awoke from his temporary unconsciousness with a mixture of confusion and awe. He had never seen the night’s sky like this. So colourful and full, yet, even though he was only semi-conscious, he could tell something was missing. Not in the sky, but in the air. The speech and laughter that always circulated when Noel and Dave were together was gone. Replaced with silence and secrets. He had never seen them like this, sober or otherwise. Julian observed several moments more before he realised that if he didn’t say something, this awkwardness would never go away.
He cleared his throat, deliberately louder than necessary, then fell away to shuffling his feet on the decking. He considered standing, yet he was put off by the thought that one slight movement could cause him to vomit, and he wasn’t sure if he was willing to take that risk.
‘Fuck it’ Julian muttered, and, in one very ungraceful and clumsy motion, stood upright. He spun round to face Noel and Dave, who were still and silent.
“What’s wrong with you?” Julian announced, a little louder than it needed to be. His speech seemed to echo around the garden, overcoming the silence for mere seconds, until the eerie quietness struck. Again. It was undefeatable.
Dave sighed, and Noel cleared his throat. It looked like someone was about to speak.
“Bit nippy” Dave stated, no feeling in his voice. His silent sobbing had stopped, his eyes were dry and red.
“Ya wanna go inside, then? Warm up? Make us some tea?”. Noel knew that was an offer that Dave simply couldn’t refuse.
“Yeah, alright.” Dave smirked. Noel wasn’t scared at all, he WANTED to talk. ‘Noel KNOWS I can’t refuse a cup of tea’. The thought caused dave to temporarily get lost in his own imagination, until a shuffling noise beside him brought him back to reality.
Noel moved towards kitchen. The light was on, and both of them were praying that Julian had called it a night and gone to bed. Neither wanted to be disturbed. Not after how far they’d come. They’d defeated the awkwardness. . . with some help from Julian. . . and now they were going to get to speak, privately. All alone. Nothing to distract them but their own thoughts.

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Chapter 2

Dave stretched every inch of his body. The cold had caused his muscles to stiffen, whereas Noel didn’t seem affected at all. They perched on the solid wooden chairs, both pondering the same question: ‘Why don’t they ever buy any comfy furniture?’.
Their speculations cut short as Noel rose, remembering the one thing they came in for, that was now apparently missing: tea.
Dave received his and flashed a look of gratitude, yet he didn’t take a swig. He just sat there, hands wrapped firmly round the steaming mug, stealing all the heat he could before he just had to take a sip.
He drank, and his entire body was overcome with warmth. Sighing, he placed the mug on the counter. ‘The best thing Noel could’ve ever suggested’.
“You alright, Dave? Your eyes look a bit red.” It was the first time Noel had properly examined Dave’s face in the bright glow of the kitchen’s light, and he looked a bit worst for wear.
But there was something about him, something that made this look kind of. . . sexy. Noel wasn’t quite sure what, but there was definitely something.
He looked closer, faking concern, as to not alert Dave. He still couldn’t place it. But it was there. Whatever ‘it’ was.
Dave rose from his seat, heading towards the bathroom.
“Be right back, just off for a piss” he stated.
Noel just glanced up, and with one sharp nod, Dave sprinted out the door and up the stairs.
‘I KNEW we shoulda got that downstairs toilet fitted. Dammit, Ju. “Too much money” he said, “Too much money. We can’t afford it”. So what, its important. Now Dave’s gone, and for all I know, he may not even come back’ Noel’s thoughts turned hysterical, which he found quite odd, as he was surprisingly calm.

Dave reappeared several moments later. But to Noel it was a lifetime. Too long. Way too long.
Noel tried to get the perfect facial expression for Dave’s return; he couldn’t look too pleased, yet he couldn’t just ignore him.
‘Why didn’t I practice this when he was gone?’ he wondered.
Puzzled by which face to pull, he just flashed a quick, meaningless smile, and sat upright, as if Dave was about to criticise his posture. Like the posture police, or something.
Dave didn’t know why Noel sat bolt upright when he came back. ‘Is he trying to stay alerted or something? Is he watching me? And why does he keep staring into my eyes?’ Dave’s thoughts bounced backwards and forwards off the walls of his brain, and it was driving him crazy. He wanted to scream, but he restrained himself, and just let out a sigh as he sat back on his cheap chair, watching Noel, cautiously waiting for him to do something.
Noel, on the other hand, seemed to be ignoring him. He hadn’t glanced over or spoken for several minutes, and it was beginning to worry not only Dave, but himself as well.
‘Should i speak? I should speak. . . shouldn’t I?’. He knew the simple answer to that. Yes. Something compelled him to speak, yet his voicebox refused to let it. So instead, he just sipped his tea, which realised had got cold and pulled an over-reacting disgusted face.
Dave caught a glimpse of this and laughed half-heartedly.
“Cold?”. it was the first thing said in minutes, and the most meaningless.
“Just a bit” Noel smiled mischievously. Dave didn’t understand how Noel could make cold tea mischievously. . . . unless he wasn’t talking about the tea.
Dave pondered this, and as he did, Noel rose and walked slowly over to the kettle, looking over his shoulder every step of the way.
He wasn’t quite sure why he was doing this. What was he wanting Dave to say? He turned and looked Dave square in the face, yet Dave didn’t notice. He just sat there with his head down, swishing the cold tea in Noel’s mug and watching the patterns it creates.
Noel got a little pissed at this, yet there was something about it that made Noel want to whisper ‘Don’t stop’.
He cleared his throat and looked expectantly at Dave. Dave jumped slightly, then faced Noel, who was by the kettle, holding up a tea bag. What a great silent comunicator Noel was. Too good. No wonder neither of them was about to speak anytime soon.
“Please” Dave announced, causing a grin to spread across Noel’s pointy face: from his nose to his cheekbones to the tip of his chin. His whole face was smiling, and he wasn’t sure why. It just was.

Noel put the kettle on, and from the moment he hit the switch, the constant whistling seemed to soothe both the men’s ears, like a lullaby or something. They knew their ears couldn’t get hypnotised by the sound, but it was trying. Dave kinda wished it would. Anything to break this continuous silence that was growing and spreading, destroying conversations all about the place.

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Chapter 3

The sound of the kettle came to a halt; stopped dead by the silence, forever growing, indestructible. The only thing to grace Dave’s ears was the sound of Noel’s chair screeching across the tiles, as Noel rose to make the tea, yet again.
It seemed that all they drank these days was tea. Even Dave was getting sick of it.
‘I never thought I’d see the day’, he mused ‘where the thought of a cup of tea would make my stomach turn’.
Noel was always the one to write the shopping list. Anything to avoid actually doing the shopping. Obviously, Julian would change it when he got to the supermarket. The only thing he didn’t change was the amount of tea bags Noel wrote on the list. Why? Not even he knew why, he just did it.
Tea bags were the only sane thing that approached Noel’s. . . interesting list. So Julian thought keeping it on there would make Noel think he has a certain kind of power. Obviously, that wasn’t the case, but Julian hated shopping with Noel, so whatever makes him happy he was willing to do.
The thought of shopping with each other was enough to induce tears.
Dave wasn’t even trusted to do the shopping, Julian always feared that he would stick directly to Noel’s list, and they would be eating raspberry bootlaces for the rest of their lives. . . which would obviously be cut short by the excessive sugar intake.

Noel didn’t like tea either. Never did. It was his nightmare, sitting there on his garden furniture drinking the stuff. He thought it was vile, yet for some reason, every time he was in the kitchen, he found himself flicking the kettle on.
It wasn’t even a good kettle, that changed colour when it had boiled, or had a transparent strip of plastic that showed the water boiling.
It didn’t even sound appealing when it was telling him the water was fully heated. It sounded more like 1000 strangled cats trying to chime their shrieks in unison.
So why drink so much if no one even like it? No one knew. No one asked. They’d been playing out this charade for months, why stop now?
Dave sighed as Noel reached over for the pre-used cups left on the table. . . without coasters. Sober Julian would’ve gone mental if he found out. Good news for the boys; Julian was neither here nor sober.
Infact, they hadn’t heard from him in a while. Upstairs was filled with deadly silence.
They both pondered the same question for several minutes before deciding simultaneous they should go check up on him. The only communication of their decision was a sharp nod, followed by a glance towards the stairs.
It was dark up the stairway, and Dave insisted that Noel go up first, claiming to be scared of the dark, really just wanting to have Noel’s petite behind in his face. He grinned, certain that Noel couldn’t see him in the poor lighting.
Why not just put the light on?” He asked, as Noel stumbled on the top step, unable to see where his feet were going.
“Good thinking, Batman!” Noel grinned. Dave couldn’t see it, but it was present in his voice; he could sense it. He could sense everything when it came to Noel. When he smiled, when he was secretly upset, when he was in trouble, even stupid things like when he needed to go to the toilet. . . which, by the way, was soon.
Just as Dave predicted, as soon as that landing light flicked on, Noel dashed to the loo, closing the door quietly behind him, careful not to wake Julian in the room across the hall.
Dave just stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Should he wait for Noel? Or should he check up on Ju by himself?
Dave questioned this for few seconds before he realised that Noel had finished, so his questions were answered.
Noel always seemed to do that. Answer his questions. And a lot of the time, he never voiced the answer, but one look at Noel and he always knew what to do.
The silent communicator.

Dave and Noel crept silently towards the darkened doorway of Julian’s room, assuming he made it to his own room. Luckily, he had, and was snoring lightly. Thanks to the paper-thin walls, it was unnecessary to peek inside, hearing the noise was confirmation enough.
Dave contemplated going in to check anyway, but one look from Noel and his plans were discarded instantly.
So, what were they to do now? Go downstairs and continue this silent game? Or stay upstairs, and hopefully do something else?
Whatever Dave planned, he knew would be over-ruled by Noel’s ideas, so he didn’t bother anymore, just waited for something, anything, to signal Noel’s preference.
‘What’s he waiting for?’ Noel wondered, and with a nod of his head, directed Dave to his bedroom. Dave obeyed the silent command immediately, as if he had been waiting for orders for a lifetime.

Dave peered cautiously into Noel’s domaine, pretending to be cool about the fact that this was actually the first time he’d been in his room since they moved in over 3 years ago.
“Welcome to my lair” Noel cackled, which, oddly, comforted Dave a hell of a lot, and he untensed slightly, taking bigger, confident strides through the doorway, and into Noel’s territory.
Noel turned to Dave, grinning mischievously, as he grabbed one of his many feather boas from the hanger in his wardrobe. He began to pick at the feathers, longing to do something with it. But what?
The light flicked on in Noel’s head as he paced slowly, sexily, over to the space in which Dave was standing. He pushed Dave playfully onto the bed, ignoring the clothes scattered across it from another hard day choosing his perfected outfit, accessories and all.
Silver foil malted from the boa, now placed round Dave’s neck as Noel straddled him, dominantly.
Dave was visibly bemused, yet something said he was expecting, and perhaps hoping, that this would eventually happen, but somehow he managed to bypass them thoughts, hiding them deep beneath false emotion.
Noel hesitated, seeing the slight confusion and worry on Dave’s face, unable to continue, feeling discouraged by the look he was giving him.
No one had voiced their thoughts and emotions, how were they to know they were doing what they each craved? What they each desired?
The silence was slowly killing them. Causing them to get locked into a point of no return. The bedroom.

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Chapter 4

Noel rolled clumsily off of Dave and onto the hard wooden floorboards, landing in a heap at the end of the bed.
Dave stifled a laugh, seeing the amount of wasted effort Noel put in to try to land on his feet.
He stood, easing his way over to the bed, not for Dave this time, but because it was considerably more comfortable than the floor.
Their thoughts seemed to synchronise, and Dave glided across the room to shut the curtain. But heading back, he paused, uncertainty flooding through his mind.

“We actually gunna do this?” Dave quivered, visibly anxious yet apprehensive.
“I guess we are”, Noel grinned, perhaps even more nervous than Dave, who was edging his way closer, taking baby-steps as not to disturb his tall jazzy friend in the room next door with the unnecessary squeaking of floorboards.
The light snoring of Julian’s leaked through the wall to reassure them of his slumber. A kind of opposite alarm clock. When the snoring stops, so do they.
Silence is the key. It always has been with Noel and Dave. A warning. A way of communication. Whatever. Silence has never left the two of them. There’s always been something comforting about it. And neither knew exactly what. They both found it strangely compelling. Without silence, they’d have never made it this far.
God bless the silence.

Noel pounced on Dave, unable to resist temptation any longer.
Dave tensed sightly,but soon gave way and embraced Noel with a tender kiss. Noel grinned mischievously and fell to his knees, unbuttoning Dave’s trousers teasingly with his teeth.
He broke away temporarily, and Dave stared longingly into his eyes.
That’s what Noel was after.
That look.
The look that made worlds melt, the look that lit up the sky, the look that gave Noel butterflies in his stomach so bad that he’d be hiccupping for hours on end.
He’d finally found what it was. Loneliness. The lonelier Dave was, the sexier and more irresistible he was to Noel.

He couldn’t just stand there any longer. Dave’s unbuttoned jeans taunted him with the question of what was underneath. His zipper was slightly undone, and this turned Noel’s legs into jelly. He bit his bottom lip lustfully, he could take it no longer.
Noel pounced on Dave, yearning for his touch once again. Dave was unable to resist Noel’s soft yet assertive grasp and rapidly scrambled to rip his shirt off.
They kissed passionately, Noel’s legs wrapped around Dave’s hot, pulsing body eroticly.
They pulled away momentarily, Dave panting eagerly as Noel kissed his neck seductively.
Dave’s fingers traced the pattern of Noel’s spine, a wave of pleasure taking hold of him, forcing him to dig his fingers into Noel’s back intensely.
Noel disembarked Dave’s body, and pushed him onto the bed controllingly. He straddled Dave’s sweating torso, much like he did what seemed like hours ago.
Noel was back on Dave, kissing his chest and stomach teasingly, causing Dave to moan with ecstasy.
Suddenly, the door creaked open. Julian came to a halt in the doorway. They had neglected his snoring, and now here he was.
They stood, eyes darting frantically around the room: They’d been caught. The silence was back.

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