Naboo and Bollo take a moonlit stroll on Pioneer Ridge

Naboo and Bollo bail on Howard's lecture about the wilderness to drink some Shaman potion and enjoy the wilderness in their own way.


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Howard was just beginning his lecture about the wilderness.

Naboo was not very interested and whispered into Bollo’s ear “Let’s get outta here, Bollo”

Bollo felt the warm Shaman breath on his ear, looked and Naboo and said “Yeah, I’ve got a good feeling about this!”

Naboo made up an excuse about collecting supplies and the Shaman and his familiar wandered out of the cabin.

“Glad to get ou’ of that boring lecture… Look here Bollo, got us some quality Shaman juice to that will help us forge’ about it” Naboo passes a flask to Bollo “Bo’oms up!” he laughs.

Bollo takes a huge swig of the sweet liquid and passes it back to Naboo. The Shaman takes an even bigger drink and the two of them look into each other’s eyes and smile. Naboo is already feeling the relaxing effects of the Shaman potion and puts him arm around Bollo, his best friend, his familiar.

Bollo feels Naboo’s small, but strong, arm on his lower back and starts to shiver at the sensation. He thinks to himself how nice it feels, but it’s wrong… isn’t it?

Naboo notices Bollo’s tension and asks him, “You alright, Bollo?”

“Yeah, Alright” He replies.

The two of them sit down on a log and look at the full moon. Naboo starts to feel a tingly sensation underneath his underpants and nervously looks at Bollo. As he awkwardly eyes Bollo he notices that Bollo is also trying to hide his crotch.

At the same time Bollo and Naboo realize that they are both utterly aroused. They look into each other’s eyes, look away, then back again and kiss passionately. Bollo’s big tongue flicking against Naboo’s small tongue. Naboo feels Bollo’s strong grip around his waist as he is lifted onto his lap.

They hold one another as hard as they can, as though they were gripping for dear life. Naboo backs away and gets onto his knees in front of Bollo. Bollo’s bright blue eyes light up in anticipation.

Naboo grips Bollo’s enormous penis with both hands, feeling the weight and hardness of it, he is overwhelmed with excitement. He licks the tip and tastes Bollo. He tastes beautiful, as beautiful as he looks. Bollo moans with excitement.

Naboo can barely fit the end of Bollo’s fully erect cock in his mouth but he tries his hardest. He can feel the warm, throbbing, hard cock going in and out of his mouth. Bollo holds on to Naboo’s turban and leans back, thoroughly enjoying Naboo’s skill at cock sucking. “You have good technique” Bollo tells him. Naboo spits on Bollo’s penis and rubs it with both of his hand, looking up at Bollo and smiling.

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