Noel = Sex

This is a short story for my coosine. coz I loves her. its about Julian fancying Noel (wow...he has eyes) and thinking about him in *mouths* a “sexual” way. its pretty crappy but hey....Noel and Julian fuckin rule!!


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Noel = Sex by tundra_boy

Julian was a pretty good looking bloke. He knew this, at least people had told him this. But this man standing in front of him was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, pretty blue eyes blinking up from underneath a shock of multi shaded hair. This man was sex. Purely. Every time he walked past him he wanted to touch him, just for a second, just to feel that skin against his fingertips. Once. And he would be happy.

He saw him everyday on his way to work, always at the same bus stop. Slim legs in tight tight black trousers. Skinny body in a fitted t shirt. Chewing on his fingernails, or listening to music, licking his lips, or just stood. Waiting. When he walked past him he could smell aftershave, and sex. He could imagine lost nights of gripping, wanting. Soft whispered moans. Strong, forced groans. He could feel himself grow hard every time he saw him. Every time he thought of those lips mouthing his neck, those bony hips grinding into his own, he had to stop. Take a breath. Sometimes it got too much that as soon as he got to work he’d have to stay in the toilets, making himself come, wishing it was him.

One day he walked past and the man had looked up, straight into his eyes, and smiled. Julian melted. He actually felt himself drip. One smile and he was ready to slam him against the bus stop, yank his trousers down and fuck the prettiness out of him. Watch those eyes widen as orgasm hit. Bite the smooth neck. Feel his heartbeat quicken. But all he could do was nod at him. Like an idiot.

“Excuse me, but have you got the time?” Julian’s ears almost exploded. He was speaking to him! His voice was as pretty as his face.

“Uh….I’m….I don’t think so…” He mumbled, the man just smiled and looked down. Julian’s eyes followed. The man was wearing a watch. “You have a watch.”

“Really?” The man smiled and locked eyes with Julian again, “So I have. I’m Noel.”

“Julian…” Julian managed to get out, Noel held out his hand and shook Julian’s. His hands were cool, and soft. Julian could almost feel them running down his ribs, sliding into his boxers. Gripping tight. He shuddered.

“Hi.” Julian nodded again. He felt like such a twat. “Oh, my bus is here.” Julian turned and saw the bus pull up, Noel slid past him. Was it his imagination or did Noel put his hand on his waist, just for a split second?

It was only when Julian got home that night when he found the piece of paper in his jacket pocket. The scrawled writing simply read ‘Noel’ and a telephone number.

Julian knew he’d never call him. The man was too pretty for him. Too good. He placed the piece of paper in the draw next to his bed and fell into a dream. Noel took over his dreams always. So vivid that he’d wake up gasping and wet.

Noel wasn’t at the bus stop the next day, nor was he the day after. Julian had to wait a full week before he saw the familiar shape leaning against the glass. His heart skipped. He looked impossibly beautiful in a pink t-shirt with a skull on the back and black trousers, red cowboy boots peeking out of the bottom. Julian looked down at his own outfit, black work trousers and a grey polo neck. He felt shabby.

He walked past him, head down.

“You didn’t call.” Julian stopped and spun round. Noel was looking at him,


“You didn’t call. So there can only be two reasons for this. One, you lost my number. Or two, you think I’m ugly.”

“I could be straight you know.”

“So could I.” Julian smiled. Noel grinned back and moved towards him, hands deep in his pockets.

“Why did you give me your number?”

“I wanted you to call me.”


“Why not?” Julian swallowed hard as Noel edged even closer, his hands moved to Julian’s face, cupping his cheek. His face was inches from his own, Julian couldn’t think straight anymore. Noel’s lips were close to his ear, he could feel his breath. Feel a hardness twinned with his own. “My bus is here.” Julian licked his lips,

“Don’t go.” He pulled Noel to him. “Stay with me.” He could feel Noel smile, “I want you.” Noel moved away,

“Then call me.”

He was the most beautiful man Julian had ever seen. He would have him.

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