One Hell of a Show

Noel’s stuck for a present for Julian. Basically an excuse for PWP.


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Notes: Written for a few reasons, first being cailenbraerns birthday! Woo!! Happy Birthday you!

Second being the Valentines Challenge, and third being to cheer tundra_boy up. Oh, and also to help calm me down after the freak-out earlier. Inspiration being the SPAFFworthy picture from the previous post.

One Hell of a Show by phoon

“Noel, hey, its me. Look… you gonna be long? I need to talk to you. Pretty urgently. See you later, yeah.”

With a soft sigh, Noel saved the message and turned his mobile off, and slipped it into his jacket pocket. He should have checked his phone earlier. The message had been dated just over an hour ago, whilst he’d been shopping with Mike.

It was Valentine’s day just around the corner, and he hadn’t got Ju anything yet. Not that they usually got big extravagant gifts for each other or anything. Just something small, personal, that meant something. Last year, Julian had written him a song. Didn’t sound like much, but it meant the world to Noel. Of course it didn’t hurt that during the song Julian had him stripped naked, panting and moaning on the bed… Quite an impressive 4 minutes! Noel painted Julian a picture, had it made into a shirt. Julian didn’t wear it out the house, it was a bit… risqué.

Noel smirked to himself as he hailed a taxi. Mike had already set off, citing a dinner date with a mystery someone. He had another day yet to figure something out. He wasn’t set to meet up with Julian til the evening of the 14th anyway. He had time.

It took 35 minutes to get to Julian’s flat. It always seemed to take longer, anticipation making the time drag. Noel hurriedly paid the driver and made his way into the building. He had his own key.

“Ju?” Tugging his boots off when he got in Julian’s flat took a few more precious minutes, but soon he was wandering through the kitchen, towards the bedroom. “Ju? Hey, you home?”

“Here.” Noel smiled, hearing the familiar voice, and put his jacket on the kitchen table.

“I just got your message.” He placed his carrier bag next to his jacket, and moved to the bedroom, pushing the door open. “Sorry bout that, me and Mike went shopping. Got this great new belt! You’re gonna…”

The words died in his throat, his eyes widening at the sight in front of him.

Julian lay back on the king-sized bed, propped up on pillows against the headboard. He was wearing those dark jeans Noel had bought for him, almost black making his skin seem smooth and pale against the denim. He was barefoot; one leg spread out in front, the other bent at the knee, spread open invitingly. The button was undone, zip pulled down. The pale blue of his boxers could be seen in the exposed ‘v’.

Noel felt his jaw drop, his mouth go slack and dry as he watched the thin material bulge slightly when Julian moved his hand under it. Just slightly, just enough for Julian’s toes to curl into the duvet with quiet pleasure.

Forcing his eyes upwards, he realised that Julian was wearing a shirt, unbuttoned. One of his more understated jazz patterns, grey and blue, splashes of bright colour amongst the pattern. It had fallen open, showing a strip of his stomach and chest, small droplets of sweat barely visible in the dim room.

“Julian…” Noel muttered, finally reaching Julian’s face, cheeks flushed pink, eyes almost black. He was smiling, smirking, at Noel. Then he licked his lips, pushed his head back against the pillows, his eyes closing.

“Ju.” Noel gasped along with him, as Julian’s hand moved again, firmer, determined.

“Took your time.” Julian said, his voice low and rough. Noel wondered how long he’d been here, waiting for him.

“I…” Noel forced himself to look away, to gather his thoughts enough to think in words of more than one syllable. He looked around Julian’s bedroom. Their bedroom, really. The curtains were drawn, holding out the last rays of the early evening sun. The lamp in the corner was the only light in the room.

“Noel.” Julian said, his voice a little clear, and Noel couldn’t help but look again, feeling his body tense in anticipation. “You were taking too long.”

Noel almost moaned in despair as Julian slowly slid his hand from his boxers, up to rest on his stomach. He clenched his hands into fists, wanting, needing to touch, but unsure what Julian wanted. What game he was playing.

“Far too long. I couldn’t wait.” The hand currently holding Noels attention shifted, moving to gently touch the edge of a magazine Noel hadn’t noticed. It was spread open on the bed next to his hip, Julian’s left hand resting on one side of the page, fingers spread over the over. It was dark, and the angle was wrong, so Noel could barely make out an image.

“Porn?” Noel asked, his voice coming out a little more hi-pitched than he intended. “You needed…”

“Hey.” He didn’t need to raise his voice to get Noels attention, not when he looked like that. Sounded like that. Noel bit his lip, eyes flicking back and forth, from Julian’s eyes to the magazine. “Don’t you want to know why I needed to see you?”

Noel shrugged, but he was too tense to make it look anywhere near casual. He shook himself, aware that the tight clothes he was wearing was doing little to hide his aroused state.

“Looks like you were taking care of it without me.” Noel nodded towards the magazine, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He bit back a gasp as the tight denim pressed in against his crotch, and quickly took his hands back out.

“Noel, stop being arsey and come here.” Julian was smiling, which would have been warmly were it not for the look in his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Noel walked over to the bed, aware of Julian’s eyes on him the whole time. He crawled onto the bed, before sitting carefully next to Julian’s leg. He made sure not to touch him yet; Julian was up to something, and it always paid to see these things through to the end.

“Want to know why I needed to see you?” Julian asked again, his voice deceptively calm. Noel nodded, wetting his lips and enjoying seeing Julian’s gaze follow the path of his tongue. “Come here then.”

”I did…” Noel started to say, but Julian leant forward, reaching out and touching his face gently. The hand slid around the back of his head and pulled him forward, further and further, until he had to put his hands down for support. He met bare skin, and he smiled, resting his weight on Julian’s chest and leaning forward to meet Julian’s lips with his own.

It was a chaste kiss, soft and promising things to come, and Noel may have clung to Julian’s bottom lip with his teeth a moment longer than he should. But then hands were running through his hair and holding him still, and Julian was kissing his face. Soft kisses against the corner of his mouth, his nose, cheeks, eyelids. With a final kiss to his forehead, Julian leant back, and Noel opened his eyes to see amusement mixed with lust written on Julian’s face.

“Look at the magazine Noel.”

It took a lot of willpower for Noel to look away from Julian’s face, and down to the open magazine. It took a moment for his vision to clear enough to see properly, but when he did…

He bit back a gasp of surprise, knowing he’d failed by the short huff of laughter from Julian. The picture on the magazine was him. It was Noel, hair mussed, hand resting on waistband, head thrown back and staring defiantly out from the page. He remembered that photoshoot. Vaguely, in the back of his mind. He’d liked the jacket, not too keen on the trousers. He didn’t remember it being all that sexy…

“I saw that in the newsagents today.” Julian murmured in his ear, gripping Noels chin and turning his head to face him. “I had to leg it home. I wanted to shout it right there, that he’s mine. He’s all mine.” Julian paused to lean in and brush a soft kiss against Noels lips. “All mine.”

“Ju.” It was a sigh as Noel leant forward into the kiss, lips fitting together so perfectly. Julian licked his way into Noels mouth, with a soft moan as their tongues touched and slid together. Hands tightened in Noels hair, tilting his head for a better angle.

“Then…” Noel felt Julian tear away, leaving him gasping, eyes closed. “God, I needed you Noel. I had to… I couldn’t wait. But…”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t… I’m sorry.” Noel slid one hand up Julian’s neck, cupping his jaw and kissing him hard. Brutal press of lips on lips, hint of teeth and tongue, and Noel had to force himself away.

“Noel.” Julian said roughly. “Oh fuck, Noel.” Strong arms slid around his waist, yanking Noel down roughly against Julian’s body, then they were turning. Rolling over, so Noel found himself being pressed into the bed by Julian’s weight.

“Ju, I’m on the…” He tried to reach for the magazine under him, but Julian grabbed his hand, bringing it to his mouth to kiss his finger.

“Leave it. I got the real thing, this is better than a magazine.”

Noel smiled, pressing two fingers against Julian’s lips til they parted and slid into wet heat. Julian moaned, deep in his throat, and sucked, his eyes closing.

Noel reached forward and touched Julian’s cheek, sliding his hand back through the unruly hair, then down to his shoulder.

”Ju.” He said softly, pressing down on his shoulder, and pushing his hips up insistently against Julian’s. “Julian, please.”

With a smile, and a fond glance upwards, Julian let go of his fingers. A moment later he was undoing Noels jeans hurriedly, shoving his t-shirt up to expose his stomach. He leant down, biting at the soft skin, urging Noels hips up again to tug his jeans down.

Noel quickly reaching under him, forcing himself to focus as Julian’s tongue slid across sensitive skin. He grabbed the magazine; haphazardly throwing it away from the bed, hearing it hit the floor a second later. He was pretty sure he could buy the clothes from the photoshoot. Wear them tomorrow, give Julian a show.

Noel moaned as Julian finished tugging his jeans off, pressing soft kisses up the inside of his thigh.

Yeah, he’d give him one hell of a show.

Noel smiled, letting his head fall back against the pillow, and his fingers tangle in Julian’s hair.

And I quote:

“I think Noel should take a picture of himself wanking over the picture of himself and mail it to Julian but it gets intercepted in the post by the police and they arrest him for PORN and he goes to prison for a day and Julian tries to save him by dressing up as a dinner lady and they do naughty sex on a table”

The End

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