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The kiss picture. ‘Nuff said. its beautiful.


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Main Texty Box ™ by tundra_boy

Julian grinned as he pulled his white shirt on. Tonight would be the night. He would finally do it. Of course they would all pass it off as a joke but he would know, once and for all, what he wanted. Tonight was his last chance.

He could hear the audiences laughter and Noel’s hyperactive voice filling the auditorium. His heart began to beat faster. He took a deep breath but that didn’t seem to help much. He clenched the rose in his hand and chewed his lip. He knew he would have to go on soon, Noel had no idea he was there but he didn’t want to ruin any part of his act. He’d picked his space carefully.

When that part came his legs were like jelly. He managed to force himself forward and run out onto the stage. The crowd began to clap and cheer but he ignored that. There he was- Noel Fielding – the most beautiful man he’d ever seen! His best friend for years and he was about to do this!

Noel turned and grinned manically, grabbing the rose off him and, opening his arms wide to hug him. Julian had planned what to do all along, but that all went out of the window. He rushed forward and gripped Noel’s face in his hands, kissing him roughly. Noel’s mouth opened in shock-a wave of panic passed through Julian-he wasn’t going to kiss him back!!

But the lips moved in time with his and he felt a hand creep to his chest. He vaguely remember the crowd cheering louder but that wa all lost to him.

The kiss was better than he could have ever imagined, but reluctantly he had to pull away. Noel’s eyes scanned his, his hair mussed from Julians hands. A grin appeared on the bruised lips.

“I’ll see you later.” Julian whispered, moving away from his warm body and walking off stage. His heart beating faster than it ever had.