The Boosh boys have just wrapped up a gig, but Noel and Julian have different ideas about how to celebrate.


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Notes: A small bit of fluff, but probably not enough to go in that category!

Sporadic by CatMarie

It was the Boosh boys, all jumbled around on stage in their Nanageddon attire. It was a rather small gig and as Charlie played in the background, only Dave was taking any initiative to sing. The others just danced around with drinks in their hands. It wasn’t much of a show really, but the audience cheered away.


When the show finally wound up, the whole group eventually made their way off stage. Dave, Rich, and Mike half ran down the long hallway that led to the main dressing room, eager to celebrate with more drinks. Noel and Julian trailed behind at a moderate pace, giddy from the night’s events. Once the other three had turned into the dressing room, Julian playfully grabbed Noel’s arse as they walked. Noel let out a little giggle and stopped walking, turning to him and resting his hands against the wall on either side of Julian.

He flashed a rather mischievous grin before moving in to kiss Julian’s neck. Julian grinned back and laughed. When Noel began to nibble at his neck, Julian’s laugh faded and he moved one hand down to grip Noel’s arse. Noel sighed somewhere near Julian’s ear. The hot breath made Julian grip tighter, and Noel in turn rested his lips along Julian’s ear.

When Noel moved one hand from the wall to rest it on Julian’s hip, they both realized the hallway was a little too open for this. They pulled away from each other and started towards the dressing room, aiming for Julian’s on the immediate right. Dave stopped them with a round of drinks and they reluctantly took them. They already had music blaring and Mike and Rich were off to the side, mucking about.

“We’re all gonna get cleaned up and head out to that club Mike mentioned.” Dave was wiping off some of his eye makeup with a tissue. “We’re probably gonna stop off at the hotel first to get changed, alright?”

“Yeah, all our things are there anyway.” Noel took a swig from his cup and headed over to one of the mirrors. Julian followed and they both attempted to clean their faces up a bit. After a few minutes of silence between them, Julian nudged Noel’s arm. “This stuff isn’t coming off well. I think I’m just gonna head back to the hotel and clean up there.”

“Yeah, okay.” Noel continued working on his makeup until Julian returned from his dressing room with his clothes changed, ready to head out. Noel pushed off from the counter and grabbed his stuff from beneath it. “We’re headed back to the hotel now, we’ll see you.”

“Alright, we’ll be behind you in a bit,” Dave shouted after them as they turned out of the room.

Noel looped his arm through Julian’s as they walked towards the exit. “Shouldn’t you change first?”

“No, I’ll change at the hotel,” Noel smiled contentedly and Julian glanced down at Noel’s dress. It only reached just passed his crotch. He sighed, then continued on, patting Noel’s arm with his other hand.


The hotel room door burst open, and the two nearly tumbled through. The entire transit there had been filled with tease; Noel’s hand rubbing along Julian’s leg and Julian massaging the nape of Noel’s neck. As soon as they were through the threshold, they kicked off their shoes.

Julian lifted him up – Noel’s legs instantly wrapping around his waist – and slammed him against the door, closing it shut. Noel let out a low moan and Julian moved right to his shoulder, pinning Noel’s hands out against the door. His tongue trailed from Noel’s shoulder and up to his jaw line. He pressed his lips there and moved back to the middle of his neck in a sequence of slow kisses.

Noel strained against Julian’s hold. The heat he felt in both Julian’s crotch and his own was becoming unbearable, but Julian just held Noel’s wrists down tighter as he began sucking at his neck. Noel gasped and tightened his legs around Julian. “Fuck, Ju!” Noel felt Julian’s moustache twitch against him as he smiled in response.

Julian finally pulled away after a few moments and their eyes met. Chocolate brown saw deep blue, and then Julian was letting Noel’s wrists free and their lips crushed together. Noel wrapped his arms tightly around Julian’s neck, deepening the kiss further, tongues sliding over each other. Julian’s hands grasped around, one finding Noel’s arse while the other came to clutch his back.

He walked backward only to find a wall in the darkened room. Noel’s hands came around to grasp Julian’s face as he nibbled at his bottom lip. Julian couldn’t help but let out a moan. Noel gasped in response and they both lost it. Noel’s feet dropped back to the floor and grabbed Julian’s wrist, leading him to the bed.

Julian yanked at his jacket, fighting to get it off with his free hand. Noel whipped back around when they reached the bed and helped him get it off, then quickly moved to the buttons of his shirt. Julian was smiling down at Noel now, leaving him to undo the buttons feverishly as he rested his hands on Noel’s shoulders.

Once Noel had gotten Julian’s shirt off, he looked back up at his face, noticing his sweet smile. He stopped then, grinning back and grabbing his face to trail kisses all over it. Julian pushed him down onto the bed, tracing his tongue over Noel’s lip until he parted them to allow Julian in. Noel’s fingers tangled in Julian’s hair, pulling him in closer.

Julian’s hands groped around the length of Noel’s body until he found his arse to grasp again. Noel grinned impishly before pushing Julian over onto his back. He grazed one leg over Julian’s body and straddled him, resting his palms on Julian’s bare chest. Julian felt Noel’s cock press against his and the smiles slipped away again as Noel bent down to bite Julian’s shoulder. Julian closed his eyes, groaning, and couldn’t help but raise his hips to Noel. Noel ceased what he was doing and let out an unexpected moan that filled the quiet room.

Julian leapt forward to yank Noel’s dress off and Noel willingly fell from his dominant position. Julian grabbed Noel’s face with one hand, while flinging the dress away with the other. He bit Noel’s lip and brought his free hand back around to slip down Noel’s back, and into his underwear.

“Julian,” Noel whispered into his ear as he was pushed back into the pillows. Julian kissed softly down Noel’s chest and licked one of his nipples before sitting back up. Noel sighed in weak protest until he saw Julian’s hands move to do away with his own trousers. Hurriedly, Julian unzipped them and shifted to the side to get them off. Their bodies crashed together, relieved to not be separated by clothes. Their mouths fumbled together in their haste until they were able to get a rhythm again. It was all hot breath and sliding tongues, moving together to make the heat between them agonizing. Too agonizing to deny relief. Julian pushed Noel back down and moved back to tug his underwear off, balling it up in one hand as he shifted to remove his own. He threw both pairs over his shoulder and sank into Noel, raking his fingers through his hair.

Their breath was ragged and strung together with deep moans. Noel’s hands scoured over Julian’s body, following the familiar worn map they’d created of it so long ago, pushing over the many beads of sweat that had accumulated. Julian pushed Noel’s sodden hair from his face as he whispered in his ear, “Noel.”

Noel let out a loud moan that he’d been trying to suppress and then Julian was pushing himself up on his palms slightly. He teased his cock at Noel’s entrance for just a moment, unable to hold back after such a long, drawn out night. He slid inside of Noel and they both groaned with a sudden relief.

Noel grasped at Julian’s back, raking his nails downward and sighing. Julian moaned and arched his back, pulling out slowly, then pushing back in. He sped up at a gradual pace, getting even harder at the feel of Noel’s cock, hot against his stomach. Noel’s legs clenched around Julian as he gasped uncontrollably.

“Jules… Julian,” he sporadically called out his name as if it were some sort of mantra. In one swift movement, Julian shifted, knowing Noel’s body well enough by now that he could pinpoint where his prostate was. Noel whimpered hysterically and, after a few strokes, Julian shouted as he felt sensations rise. He was coming into Noel then, jolting every which way, unable to hold still from the intense relief.

Noel’s whimpers had turned into mangled moaning, one hand clutching the pillow above his head, the other grabbing a fistful of his own hair. He came suddenly, biting his lip to hold back a yell that would have been much louder than Julian’s.

They sank into each other briefly until Julian sat up calmly. “What you doing, Ju,” Noel asked, breathless. Julian trailed his hands down Noel’s body, stopping at his hips. He looked back up at Noel for a moment, into those pools of deep blue, his expression tender. Then he lowered his head, sliding his lips carefully over Noel’s cock to clean up the come that had settled there. Noel sighed and closed his eyes. Julian moved his tongue over the skin, taking his time as he gently held Noel’s hips in place.

When he was finished, his lips left Noel smoothly. He scooted himself back up to lay next to him. Noel’s eyes fluttered back open and he curled into Julian, one hand spread over his chest. Julian wrapped his arm around Noel’s shoulders and smiled up at the ceiling.


Not much time had passed when there were several bangs on the door, followed by a couple of voices shouting through; Dave and Mike. Julian jerked awake and looked around until he realized what was happening. He looked down at Noel in his arms. Of course he remained fast asleep, a peaceful look spread across his face. Julian stared at him, contemplating what to do. The banging stopped after a few minutes and Julian could hear the faint buzzing of Noel’s phone across the room, still left on vibrate.

He wondered briefly if Noel would still want to go out… But then sleep was washing over him and he knew that they’d both be satisfied waking up like this, tangled together, in the morning.