A Different Pace

Julian has just come home to Noel after a weekend away. Noel wants his go at Julian. (Baby Boosh - as in pre show.)


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A Different Pace by CatMarie

Noel pried his eyes from the magazine he’d been reading. The front door of the flat was falling shut and Julian was walking toward him, determined, with a fire in his eyes. Noel stood from the couch and held a hand out to Julian’s chest to stop him from getting closer. Julian frowned, craning his neck forward in an attempt to meet Noel’s lips. “C’mon Noel,” he said after a moment’s struggle, “I’ve been away all weekend!”

“I know,” Noel began calmly, “but you promised I’d get my go when I wanted it. And I want it now.” A light flicked in Julian’s eyes and he reached up to hold the hand that pressed against his chest. “Everything we talked about?”

“Everything,” Noel replied, pushing his blond hair out of his eyes with his free hand. Julian relaxed, dropping his hands to his sides. “You still want to do all of that, right?” Noel asked tentatively. Julian simply nodded, a smile on his face. Noel reached forward, smoothing his hands over either side of Julian’s face. He stared into his eyes for a moment, faintly licking his lips. Then he pressed them to Julian’s softly. Their lips worked together, in no rush. Noel slipped Julian’s jacket off as he allowed his lips to wander along his jaw. He dragged his lips along, breathing hotly into his skin.

Julian closed his eyes, keeping his hands at his sides, taking everything in. Noel’s hand held Julian’s hips firmly as he began sucking at his neck. He sucked at the spot where he felt his pulse throbbing for what seemed to Julian the longest and most glorious minute. Noel’s lips trailed a bit lower and nibbled gently at Julian’s skin. Julian chuckled. “That’s nice. But I don’t remember us discussing nice.”

Noel laughed into his shoulder. “Sorry.” He reached over to shut off the lamp beside the couch and they were mostly in the dark. He returned to the same spot on Julian’s neck and bit into the delicious flesh there. Julian let out a low moan, moving a hand up to touch Noel’s back. Noel moved up his neck to thicker skin, biting down harder, tugging back slightly. He dragged his hands upward, slowly at first. Then he remembered that he was being rough tonight. He yanked Julian’s shirt up and over his head. Then he shifted their bodies so he could slam Julian back against the far wall. Julian moaned upon impact. Noel bit his shoulder, his hands scouring roughly over Ju’s torso. His thumbs rubbed into the skin there as he began to get worked up. One of his hands slipped down to Julian’s crotch, massaging what was already feeling very warm. As soon as he heard a sigh escape from Julian, he pulled his hand away, not wanting to please him too much too soon.

He pushed away from Julian, reaching to take off his own t-shirt, then down to undo his trousers. He pushed them down with his underwear and kicked the pile away. He looked back up at Julian and placed a hand behind his skull, urging him forward a bit. Julian dropped to his knees immediately, not needing vey much encouragement. His lips wrapped around the head of Noel’s cock of their own accord. Julian quickly took in more of Noel, allowing his tongue to scour around his length hungrily. He held the base in one hand, Noel’s hip in the other. He sucked deeply, loving every moment. Noel grabbed roughly at his hair, yanking a handful forward. Julian took in more willingly. But Noel kept tugging, forcing Julian to take in everything. Julian had a hard time at first, suppressing gags. His eyes watered as his throat adjusted. He didn’t like it. At first. The pain he felt in his throat burned into something else. He found himself sucking feverishly on Noel’s cock, securing Noel’s hips in his hands. Noel’s eyes widened as he watched Julian. His fingers were raked through Julian’s hair and he lost control of the strangled noises escaping him. He pushed Julian back by the shoulders, making him stop. This was going to last longer.

He pulled him to his feet and yanked down his trousers and underwear as well, slamming their bare bodies together. They kissed feverishly, teeth knocking together at times. Julian dragged his nails down Noel’s back as Noel grabbed at the muscles standing out all over Julian’s body. There was a moment when their lengths rubbed against each other and they both froze, moaning into each other’s mouths. Noel pushed Julian away again, against the wall. “Stay here,” Noel said, holding a hand out. He turned and walked behind the divider that separated the bedroom from the rest of the flat. Julian stood frozen, his palms resting against the cold wall behind him. He watched the shadows of Noel’s form the bedroom lamp was casting over the walls, excitement and fear tumbling together through his body.

Noel came back a minute later, walking purposefully toward Julian, a certain feeling of power coursing through his veins. A tie of Julian’s was dangling from his right hand. Julian’s eyes widened slightly, but Noel was already there, grabbing Julian’s arm and turning him around. He shoved at his back, and Julian crashed against the wall again. He closed his eyes and felt as Noel gripped his wrists together. Julian obeyed, keeping them uncomfortably in the position Noel was directing. Noel brought the tie around his wrists, making one knot and jerking it tight. Another knot, and an even harder yank at the ends. Noel grabbed the bundle he’d just made and turned toward the bedroom again, pulling Julian along with him.

Julian worked double time, walking backwards as fast as he could manage without tripping over himself. When they got around the divider, Noel flung him onto the bed. It was silence for a moment. Julian looked into the darkness of fabric, wondering what would happen next. Some of the duvet served as a gag now. But he didn’t bother an attempt at spitting it out. Then he felt a weight at the foot of the bed. He felt Noel’s hands smoothing up over his ankles, his calves, his thighs. They stopped just below his arse and Julian held his breath, listening to his own heart pound. A shift of weight. A sudden plunge of wetness and pressure between his cheeks made Julian squirm like an animal. Noel pulled away immediately. Silence. Julian felt another shift of weight, and Noel was gone. He heard movement across the room; Noel rummaging around for something. More silence, the very faint sound of Noel’s footsteps.

Noel rested his knees back down on the bed between Julian’s spread legs. He stared at Julian’s backside appreciatively, enjoying this side of the experience. He wanted to prove he could be better at it. He lifted his right hand slowly, then came down fast, rapping Julian’s arse with the belt he held. Julian tried to yell, but ended up choking a bit on the duvet. Noel smiled. “Stay still, Ju.”

Julian felt Noel’s tongue enter him again. He clenched his fists, digging his nails into his palms and he was hanging on the edge. So close to falling. But somehow he stayed in place. He wanted this too much. He hung onto that thought, and his body calmed down a bit. He was able to concentrate on Noel’s movements. Noel was grasping his left cheek, the other hand firmly holding his right thigh. He felt Noel’s tongue explore him for what seemed like an eternity. When he finally left him, Julian visibly relaxed. He hadn’t realized he’d been biting down on the duvet and now his jaw felt sore.

Noel’s palms rubbed at his arse and started up his torso. He straddled him, kissing Julian’s shoulder blades. The weight hurt Julian’s arms, but he ignored it. Noel pushed the hair off the nape of Julian’s neck, leaning down to breath hot breath on it. He moved up to Julian’s ear. “Do you still want everything we talked about, Ju?” Noel whispered, a slight innocence slipping back into his tone. Julian dug through his brain for that conversation they’d had over a week ago. He worked through it piece by piece, his breath ragged against the bed. He realized why Noel had stopped now to ask. He thought for a moment, and then nodded. Noel kissed his head tenderly.

He leaned back to grab the belt again. He lifted Julian’s head up by his forehead. Julian took the opportunity to spit out the chunk of duvet. He took a deep, shaky breath as Noel placed the belt carefully around his neck. He fed the belt through the buckle slowly, constricting it around Julian’s throat. They were both still for a moment, then Noel let out a deep breath and tightened it. Julian felt the walls of his throat enclosing. It felt dull and hollow and he didn’t much like that.

Noel was reaching over to the bedside table for the ever-present lubricant they kept there. Julian’s mind was flooding with panic and he began jerking his body around, nearly knocking Noel to the floor. Noel dropped the lube to the floor and pushed down on Julian’s shoulder, keeping him still so he could loosen the belt. He leant down to his ear again. “Changed your mind?”

Julian nodded and Noel frowned, slipping the belt off his head and tossing it to the floor. Julian shook his head. “What?” Noel asked. “You know, I really shouldn’t be listening to you. I am meant to be dominating you. So you’d better tell me what you want before I change my mind.”

Julian turned his head to the side, glimpsing Noel in the corner of his eye. “Hands,” he managed through heavy breathing. Noel considered for a moment. “Oh. Okay. Hands.” He ruffled Julian’s hair and reached down to retrieve the lube, setting it on the back in front of him. He proceeded to wrap his palms around Julian’s neck and he groaned in response, encouraging Noel to tighten his hold.

Noel practiced his strength excitedly, watching as his hands pressured Julian’s throat. He couldn’t help but moan, and he heard Julian whimper against fabric in response. He released slowly, enjoying the feeling that he was allowing air back into Julian, that he had control over such a thing. He picked up the lube and snapped open the top, pouring generously into his palm and applying it around his cock. He got off of Julian and grabbed his wrists to flip him back over. Julian gasped, taking in deliciously fresh air.

Noel spread Julian’s legs open again and knelt down between them, pleased to see that he was fully erect. He licked from Julian’s base, to the very tip and left him again. Julian bit his lip, suppressing a whine. Noel placed his hands on Julian’s hips and drew himself forward, placing the tip of his cock at Julian’s entrance.

Julian struggled with his restraints. He shifted his knees, his body too eager to be still. Noel waited patiently, touching his head to the entrance and refusing to go any further. Julian released a long moan that filled the room and surged through Noel, pleasing him. Julian forced his legs to lie flush against the bed. He gave one final tug at the tie entwining his wrists before giving up. He took a deep breath and laid still. Noel smiled darkly, looking straight into Julian’s eyes. Julian stared back at him; at his sugary blue eyes with a few strands of blond hair hanging over them. His eyes roamed enthusiastically over him, his only thought being how gorgeous this man was.

Noel leaned forward, resting his palms on Julian’s shoulders. He slipped into Julian, a bit rough, and closed his eyes, trying to do anything but whimper. Julian threw his head back, not bothering to suppress his moans anymore. Noel rocked back and forth, a bit slow at first, then rapidly increasing the tempo. Julian ground his teeth, more aggravated with his restraints now than ever.

Noel slowed after a few minutes, sitting back. He pushed Julian’s knees forward, and then brought his legs up to rest on his own shoulders. Julian’s eyes widened, surprised at this strength that Noel scarcely demonstrated. He felt his cock throb harder. Noel pushed back forward, throwing his hands towards Julian’s neck. He clutched at it immediately, not bothering to ease into it this time. He rammed into him repeatedly, and strangled whining escaped Julian’s lips without pause.

Noel strengthened his grip. The warmth of Julian around his cock was causing his mind to bulge. He tried gritting his teeth, but it was no use. He gave up and he was shouting. He vaguely registered Julian’s choked whimpers growing silent and let his palms drop to either side of his head.

The air rushed back into Julian and he felt the sensations of Noel’s stomach rubbing up against his cock. Moans finally made it through his raw throat. He felt life breathing back into him, but dulling again in a new way. He saw black spots here and there and Noel was very close, shouting uncontrollably.

They were crying out together, losing all capacities to keep control. Julian felt Noel explode into him, a sticky, wet warmth filling him up. He was coming a beat later, releasing all over Noel’s stomach. He clenched his eyes shut, spent, his breath heavy and out of his control. Noel was still moaning over him, wound up over the come that had hit his stomach.

Breath ragged and raw, he pushed himself up weakly, removing Julian’s limp legs from atop his shoulders. He collapsed on his back beside Julian, eager to pass out. As an afterthought, he reached over feebly, pushing Julian onto his side so he could untie his wrists for him. He whipped the tie behind him and set Julian back down. They were both nearly gone, their heads filled with fog. Noel reached a hand to the floor to grab a boot that had been lying there. He threw it at the right wall, aiming for the light switch and missed lamely. He groaned, still fighting for breath.

“Forget it,” Julian breathed. He reached under him for the blanket and yanked it down. Noel reached down to grab a corner and pulled it over the both of them. He started to lean into Julian and their usual position, but Julian was heading toward him already, wrapping his hands around Noel’s torso and relaxing his head onto his chest. Noel pushed a hand through Julian’s hair and they were both out.

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