Saturday Mornings

Complete PWP. I tried to think of a plot, but all i came up with was sex. so, there ya go.


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Notes: My cousin, tundra_boy, made me write for her, cos she’s having a bad day. Ugh. Wrote this in about 10 minutes.. probably needs beta-ing or summat. Dont blame me!

Saturday Mornings by phoon

Julian loved early weekend mornings. Saturday particularly. The day when everyone thought of lie-ins and late morning breakfasts. Early afternoon films and days spent doing nothing but being.

Julian loved Saturday mornings because of Noel.

Noel was a morning person. Up at 8, at the latest, singing on his way to the shower and smirking at Julian’s groans at being woken early. Climbing onto the bed with dripping wet hair and only a towel, and shaking his head to spray Julian with cold water.

Julian figured that anyone who got up at 8am on a Saturday deserved whatever they got. So he quickly divested Noel of his towel, and yanked him down to sprawl across Julian, wet hair and damp skin uncomfortable against him. It took a moment for Julian to struggle out of the covers, and to rearrange himself on top of Noel in a satisfactory way. All the while, Noel laughed quietly at him, and seemed far to awake for… what was it now? 8.30am.

He shut up quickly with a kiss though. As Julian tasted and licked and explored very very thoroughly, that gorgeous mouth that made him think of inappropriate things at inappropriate moments. And pretty soon, Noel would start moaning, deep in his throat, and his body would strain upwards against Julian’s, desperate and now sticky with sweat. And those hands, with its clever fingers, would somehow find their way into Julian’s boxers, so really, what else could he do put grip those thin wrists and hold them firmly above Noels head.

Having Noel on display like that, stretched and willing and writhing below him, well… who could resist? Julian nipped at Noels neck, down to his collarbone, and slowly, pressed his hips forward against Noel’s. And Noel would buck up, and moan his name, and Julian would press his mouth against Noels neck, and start to thrust, slow and steady. One leg wrapped around Julian’s waist, and he smiled against Noels throat, and tightened his grip on Noels wrist.

It wouldn’t take long, not with Noel naked and writhing below him, and Julian still warm from sleep. A gentle bite on Noels shoulder, and hard friction and steady, steady, pressure. Noel would arch up, throw his head back, a low keening moan echoed round the room, and Julian would bite down hard on the reddened skin of Noels shoulder. And they would lie there for a while, soft panting breaths, while Julian kissed the bitemark gently. Noel would move first, roll them over and disentangle his wrists, and with a grin, pull Julian up from the bed and towards the bathroom.

Yeah, Julian really loved Saturday mornings.