Set during the cannibal scene in “The Nightmare of Milky Joe”


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Hunger by cailenbraern

“Offer yourself up to me, Vince!”

“Are you sure you’re not coming onto me?”

Howard stared hungrily at Vince, his brown eyes darkened by madness. Something in his wild eyes made the hairs at the back of Vince’s neck stand up, and he found himself hoping Howard would say yes.

Howard had no idea what was happening anymore. The crippling hunger he felt had disappeared, leaving an ache in his stomach. Why then, did he still want Vince? Why could he not wrench his gaze from Vince? There was something in Vince’s eyes, traces of fear and flashes of excitement that drove Howard crazy. He lunged forwards suddenly; causing Vince to back away startled. The next thing Howard felt was pain before everything went dark.

“Hey Howard, look! Coconuts!”

“Yeah…great!” Howard muttered, rubbing the bump on his head.

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