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Drabble by phoon

Vince was sticking his tongue out. Just the tip, peeking between soft lips. Head tilted to one side, a crease between his eyebrows as he frowned gently.

“Hm.” He tilted his head the other way, licked his lips, and stepped back. “What do you think Howard?”

“You finished?” Howard didn’t move yet, unwilling to break the pose if Vince changed his mind.

“Yeah.” The frown disappeared, replaced with a wide grin. “Come and have a look!”

Howard shuffled off the stool he was sat on, and hurried around behind Vince, turning to look at the canvas.

“Well?” Vince sounded uncertain, turning his head slightly to catch Howard’s expression. He smiled when he saw the grin on Howard’s face.

“That… That’s good!” Howard pressed forward, his chest pressing against Vince’s back. “That’s really… Am I really that handsome?”

Vince laughed, turning fully and leaning up to press a kiss against Howard’s cheek.

“Course you are.” He watched Howard’s grin relax into a small smile, sliding his hands up Howard’s chest, then down to rest on his stomach.

Howard leant forward, raising his hand as if to touch the wet paint, but paused, fingers hovering above the surface.

“Vince, I… I don’t know what to…I mean, this is…” Howard pulled his hand back, letting it rest on Vince’s shoulder. Vince just smiled, sliding his hand up from Howard’s stomach, curling softly around his throat.

“Howard…” He whispered, leaning closer when Howard turned his head. “Just kiss me.”

Howard smiled, leant forward and did just that.

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