Electro Wasp Jazz

Noel. Julian. Club. Swappage of clothes.


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Notes: Written in about half an hour. Written for ailcia, and the Saga of Julian’s Jumper. Nothing to do with the challenge, unfortunately.

Electro Wasp Jazz by phoon

“Is that mine?” Noel’s voice seemed to cut through the dense wall of noise, and Julian felt a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Could be.” He turned, schooling his expression into something a little more serious.

“Who said you could wear that?” Noel poked him in the shoulder, eyes bright and his mouth turned down into a mock frown. He raised an eyebrow, resting his fingertips against Julian’s chest, and sliding them down slowly.

Julian shrugged. “I took a shine to it.”

Noel’s lips twitched, pressed together tightly, then broke into a grin.

“Well, not sure the colour does much for you.” He stepped forward, resting one hand on Julians arm, squeezing gently. Julian turned, pressing a little closer, letting his hand rest casually on Noel’s hip.


“Yeah.” Noel grinned, leaning forward and plucking Julian’s drink from his hand, passing it to a woman dancing nearby. Ignoring her brief attempt at flirting, Noel turned back to Julian, gripping the material of his jacket tightly, and pulled him forward.

Julian followed, letting Noel lead him almost blindly. Past the groups of dancers, past the bar, right through to the toilets. Fortunately, they were empty. It was pretty early in the evening, barely half eleven. Noel led him to the end of the room, to the open cubicle. They barely made it in before Noel’s light grip on Julian’s arm turned hard. Julian found himself pressed against the closed cubicle door, Noel pressed up close, biting at his lips until he opened his mouth and let him in. Frantic hands pushed up the striped jumper, sliding over his skin.

The alcohol gave everything a surreal edge, and he found himself watching his surroundings in fascination as Noel’s mouth cruelly attacked his neck. The cubicle was small, dark. Graffiti scrawled across the walls, and a dim uv light flickering above them. The white on Noel’s t-shirt glowed below him.

He arched into Noel’s touch, palms flat against the door, as Noel bit at him, down, still further down. Julian bit his lip as Noel attacked a nipple, biting, then licking, soothing, before sliding down to his knees.

“Fuck, Ju.” Noel’s voice was harsh, as Julian’s legs were pulled apart and hands worked at the fastening on his trousers. A second later, and Noel’s hand tightened around Julian’s erection, the other tugging the material out of the way.

“Ah!” Julian pressed one fist to his mouth, biting down hard on his knuckle as Noel took him swiftly into his mouth, sudden sharp suction. He pressed his hips back against the door, and let his head fall back, staring at the ceiling. His panted breaths seemed to echo around the cubicle, even as the beat of the music thumped around them.

He daren’t look down. If he looked down, if he saw Noel on his knees, Julian’s cock in his mouth and that dark glint in his eyes… Julian would never be able to stay quiet. So he stared at the ceiling, soft moans around the fist against his mouth, as Noel sucked and licked and drew him closer and closer to the edge. It wasn’t too long before he had to close his eyes, squeeze them shut and whimper pathetically as his hips jerked forward automatically. He felt Noel pull away, that hot wet heat replaced by a sweat-slicked hand. A few hard strokes and Julian knew he was moaning. Knew he was being too loud and that someone would hear. Someone would see.

“Julian.” Noel was standing in front of him when Julian opened his eyes, close, bulge in his jeans pressed against Julian’s thigh. Grabbing Julian’s hands and pressing them hard against the door, he pressed himself closer. He bit Julian’s neck, then pressed his face there.

It didn’t take long, Noel’s harsh breath against his neck as he twitched and jerked helplessly against Julian. Moans and almost laughter then those brief moments where everything stopped.

Julian waited, resting his head against Noel’s, just waiting. When Noel moved, turned away and reached for the toilet roll, he stood.

“Noel.” Julian tidied himself up quickly, before laying a hand gently on Noel’s shoulder. “I’m going for a drink.”

“Sure.” He didn’t turn around. Nodding to himself, Julian turned and opened the cubicle door. “Ju?”


Noel was smiling at him, hands resting loosely on his belt. “You look good in that top.”

“Yeah?” Julian smiled back, then turned and headed out, back to the bar, back to the heat and the noise and the wall of people. His hands strayed to his neck, down his chest. He could feel faint bruises, bite-marks fading already, and smiled to himself.

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