You Always Make Me Smile

Julian and Noel sitting under the stars, however, Julian's desire eventually gets too much for him.


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Notes: I’ve rated it R just because I don’t want to under-rate it and get into trouble! It could be an NC-17 either.

Noel sighed, snuggling more closely into Julian. ‘Isn’t it beautiful? Makes you feel so insignificant and small, yet makes you smile’ Noel said dreamily.

They were lying against each other under a blanket looking up at the stars. The back garden was probably not the most romantic place to look at the stars, but neither minded as long as they were together.

Julian smiled, ‘Insignificant? You’re the most significant person I know.’

Noel giggled. ‘Well, yeah, insignificant in the world as a whole. In the big picture, I mean.’ He paused, only really hearing Julian’s words run through him properly for the first time, and asked quietly ‘I’m the most significant person you know?’
Julian cupped Noel’s chin and gently turned him so they were looking in each others eyes.

‘Always have been, always will be; Forever.’
He could see the love in Noel’s eyes and hoped Noel could see the same in his. He didn’t have much time to wonder, however, as soft lips were pressed firmly against his own in a loving kiss.

Noel sighed against Julian, feeling completely safe for the first time in his life, big strong arms of the man he loved and who loved him back, wrapped around him. He couldn’t help but smile at how happy and content he was with his life just then.

A sudden gust of wind made them both shiver.
‘Inside?’ Julian asked, motioning towards the kitchen door.

‘Definitely’ was the reply. Noel began to unravel himself from the warmth of Julian’s body and picked up the blanket before skipping up the garden into the house.
Julian stretched, wondering where the younger man got all of his energy from. Walking up to the house he smiled to himself as he heard Noel singing in the kitchen.


Standing quietly in the doorway, Julian studied his best friend. He noticed how content he seemed to be, how he shifted his hips slightly as he shuffled his feet in time to his words, how his teeth caught the tip of his tongue between his lips when he was concentrating on making coffee and how his soft, jet black hair fell down around his face when he bent over to reach the mugs. Sensing someone in the room, Noel spun round.

‘Don’t stand in the door like a rapist’ he said ‘help me make the coffee!’

Before turning back to continue what he was doing, he glanced down at Julian noticing his very obvious arousal and smiled. He saw the lust in Julian’s eyes and couldn’t resist pulling him out of the doorway and pressing him against the countertop. Julian gently brushed the trailing hairs out of Noel’s sparkling blue eyes and leant in close to him.

‘Every time I see you I smile, you know that?’ he spoke softly, his breath ghosting over Noel’s lips. Noel smiled as their lips came crashing together in a soft, passionate kiss. Julian’s hands found their way down Noel’s back and rested themselves on the top of his jeans. Noel wrapped his fingers tightly in Julian’s hair and cocked his head to one side. Wrapping his legs around Julian’s waist, he whispered into his ear.

‘Fuck me, Julian.’

Julian didn’t need to be asked twice, nearly toppling over in his rush to get up the stairs and into the bedroom. Noel lightly pressed kisses to Julian’s collar bone as he was carried up the stairs, Julian’s hands running all over his back.
They bounced onto the bed, Noel fumbling with Julian’s zips. Sliding his hands under the waistband of Julian’s pants, Noel slipped both Julian’s jeans and pants down his legs exposing the soft flesh and Julian’s fully erect cock. Julian tugged Noel’s t-shirt over his head exposing his slim, pale chest and drank in the sight before him, each contour of Noel’s body fitting together perfectly.

Noel tugged off his boots as Julian flung his shirt across the room. Their eyes met briefly, a cheeky smile playing accross Noel’s lips. He flung Julian down against the pillows, licking and kissing his way down Julian’s body. He looked up into Julian’s deep brown eyes as he flicked his tongue over Julian’s cock, sending a shiver up through his spine. Grinning, he licked along the shaft, eventually taking Julian’s cock in his mouth. Feeling fingers twisting through his hair he began to suck, hearing moans of pleasure vibrate through Julian with every movement.

Julian gasped as he felt the cold air rush around the place where Noel’s mouth had just been and looked down to see Noel fumbling around in one of the bedside drawers. Turning triumphantly to face Julian he produced a small tube of lube. Julian watched mesmerised, as Noel pulled off his own trousers and pants and began to spread the slick liquid on his cock.
Moving over quickly, Noel licked up Julian’s thighs, parting them gently and hearing groans of pleasure escape Julian’s lips. He reached for a cushion and placed it under Julian’s hips, watching Julian’s eyes with every movement he made.
Leaning up and placing a kiss on Julian’s lips, he slid one, two, and then three fingers inside Julian, crooking them at just the right place causing Julian moan into his mouth with pleasure. Julian groaned as an empty space was felt inside him and kissed Noel hard in a frenzy of teeth and tongue, desperate to get rid of that empty feeling.

‘Please’ he whimpered as Noel broke their kiss. Grinning, he led his cock to Julian’s entrance and slowly thrust forward. Seeing Julian’s eyes flash closed and his head fall back, he began to speed up with each of his thrusts. Julian met each thrust with equal force and soon the two were groaning in unison with pleasure.
Feeling himself near, Noel snaked his hand around Julian’s cock, wanting them to come together. The touch alone was enough to set them both off, both throwing their heads back and shouting each others names as they came.

Noel flopped down beside Julian, waiting for their breathing to return to normal. Finding Noel’s hand, Julian locked their fingers together pulling the younger man closer to him. Noel rested his head on Julian’s chest as Julian’s free hand traced idle circles around Noel’s thigh.

They lay there for a while peaceful in each others company, looking through the window at the stars shining so far away. Sighing, Noel snuggled even further into Julian and closed his eyes.

‘I made coffee’ he stated, half dreamlike.

Julian smiled watching Noel’s chest rise and fall with each calm breath, his gaze moving along Noel’s body finally coming to rest on their entwined hands.

‘Maybe later, eh?’ he replied, smiling as he heard soft little snores escaping from the body that was so tightly wrapped around him. Leaning down he pulled the duvet over the two of them, making it even cosier.
You always make me smile he thought, as he shut his eyes, resting his head on Noel’s.

You always make me smile.

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