The Silent Darkness

A fight, a broken man (in more ways then one) and a realisation. Rated higher for what future chapters hold *dissapears into mystery smoke*


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Notes: Gah, I can’t explain why I wrote this! It was written on off-days so please excuse the darkness of it all….Originally intended as a one-shot, but my mind seemed to like it…. Reviews are greatly appreciated.

The Silent Darkness by futuresailor

He sat with his face leaning against the cool glass of the window, misting the glass with each shaky breath. He could see his reflection perfectly in the glass, tears falling down a make-up smeared face.

All he heard was the soft patter of the rain outside through the glass, the only thing separating him and the outside world.

Thoughts swirl around his aching head, thoughts he wants to banish forever, thoughts that should never be allowed to be spoken.

His eyes glaze over as he stares emptily through the glass.

Time passes, as it tends to do, and night envelops the small figure by the window. Moonlight glistens on the edge of the long silver object in the figures hand.

Without acknowledging it, he brings the blade close to his wrist. A faint sob is heard in the silent room as crimson drops fall silently to the floor, each one making its own simple pattern on the old wooden floor.

A long silver object now coloured crimson crashes to the floor, its owner slumped against the window, tears still falling, eyes still glazed.

Somewhere a clock strikes midnight and that silent room gains an extra figure.

No words are spoken.

An arm is wrapped around the slumped figure. A hand gently pulls his face closer.

The smaller figure clutches the taller figures shirt tighter…..