That One Person

Noel and Julian think of eachother.


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Notes: Noel’s thoughts are in italics and Julian’s are in normal.

That One Person by futuresailor

Chapter Notes: It was a very boring weekend! Comments greatly appreciated.

The want, the need, for that one person to make everything right, make everything whole. To come to your rescue when you feel there is no-one else that understands, to save you from yourself in those dark, dark times.


That one person who can brighten even the darkest day, with their sunshine smile and cheeky grin. The one who never stops talking and barely starts listening, except to me.


When they’re there, you take them for granted. But when they’re gone, it feels like they’ve taken a part of your soul with them.


That one person you can share everything with and never have to worry about looking stupid in front of them. That one person who would never try and change you. That one person who loves you for who you really are.


That one person whom you fit with, bodies intertwined, hearts as one. Soul mates.


And Julian

End Notes: Disclaimer – I don’t own Noel or Julian and I will definitely not make any money outta this, it’s just the babblings of my mind!

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