Five drabbles based on five songs. Varied pairings, ratings and genres. All RPS. Noel/Julian, Noel/Chris, Dee/Julian, Julian/Russell, Mike/Dave, Noel/Richard Ayoade


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Songs by Replenished

Rufus Wainwright – Beautiful Child

He felt like a kid again when they were writing. Ideas would flow only after copious amounts of lollies were consumed and they created some kind of ludicrous game. Those games always involved touching in some way and things would always go a little too far. When Julian had pinned Noel to the floor panting, he’d grin and the game would be over. Until Noel demanded a rematch.

Hoodoo Gurus – Miss Freelove ‘69

Dee was always the mastermind of a night like this. She would invite over a few of their more open minded friends; there would be drinks and other substances provided, and condoms, plenty of condoms.

Noel was in the middle of getting a blow job from Chris with quite a few onlookers. The doorbell had rang and Dee scooted off not wanting to miss out. She has returned leading Julian by the hand, who’s eyes widened in shock. She shoved him on to the couch next to Noel and straddled him, Julian didn’t say a word.

Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me

“You’re a fucking tool.”


“A big haired annoying tool.”


“And you follow Noel around like a dog. You’ll start humping his leg soon.”

“I might.”

“He doesn’t fancy you, you cock.”

“I know.”

“Erg, I can’t stand you and it seems like every time I turn around you’re there.”

“Julian, you may hate me but you still want me.”

“Fuck you Russell.”

“If you’d like.”

Chemical Brothers – Get Yourself High

Dave was out of it, the paranoia was creeping in and he had become convinced that his teeth were going to fall out.

“Shit shit shit,” he hissed through his hands.

“I’m sorry Dave man. It’s my fault, I gave you shit stuff. But you’re okay, I’m here and I’ll look after you ‘til you come down.”

“Mike, my teeth.” Dave’s eyes were huge and dilated. He shuffled in close and Mike reached up to hug him close.

“There’s nothing wrong with them.” He kissed Dave chastely on the forehead. “I got you.”

Datarock – Computer Camp Love

As Richard delivered his last line for the whole season, he felt a weight lift. The nervousness that he felt at performing never went away.

“Whoo! Wrap up party!” someone yelled.

He shuffled his feet as he waited for everyone to clear out so he could make a break for it.

“Come on, Rich,” Noel grabbed his arm, “Lets get drinks.”

Richard sighed as he was dragged along. “Can I at least get changed first? Moss is not exactly party gear.”

They were already half way down the hallway, being propelled by Noel’s enthusiasm.

Noel turned and looked Richard up and down, still managing to walk briskly.

When he stopped suddenly Richard actually ran into him.

“It could be,” Noel whispered.


“Perhaps you do need to get changed. Let’s go to your dressing room. I’ll suck your cock.”

“Noel!” Richard hissed, “not here!”

“But you’ve got to keep the costume on.” He grinned wickedly. “I’d quite like to suck a geek’s cock.”

Richard turned red then whispered, “Well okay, but you’re leaving on the Richmond outfit when you do it.”