How Short?

08 tour Spoilers - How shot can a skirt be and still be classed as decent?


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Notes: Just something that came to mind when Noel unfolded himself from the mirror ball.

How Short? by TheCatInTheTree

The first time Noel had suggested it Julian had laughed, why not? It couldn’t be any worse than some of their previous costumes. Then the costume had taken shape, he had started to wonder what he was agreeing too, his own costume was bad enough and Noel wasn’t letting him see its counterpart until the night. Needless to say he was a little worried.

The mirror ball covered in Polo’s rolled into view, Julian had no idea how on earth both Noel and Rich had managed to fold themselves in there, especially if Noels costume had followed the original drawings, giant feathered wings and all. He had seen Rich’s, that wouldn’t be comfortably to have behind you by any stretch of the imagination. Then Noel unfolded himself somewhat gracefully and strutted on stage in an excessively high heeled pair of boots and one of the shortest skirts he’d ever seen. Luckily he was supposed to just stand and look surprised, that was how they’d written it, so he had time to collected himself amongst the cheers and wolf whistling. Suddenly his own costume made a hell of alot more sense.

The curtains dropped and they staggered off stage, shrugging off the flowery dresses to reveal whatever had been left on underneath. In their case it was still the futuristic costumes, but that didn’t matter. Waiting until the area cleared Julian pushed Noel into a corner to kiss him, one hand toying with the split in his skirt. “How fucking short?” He questioned with a grin.