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Response to the first challenge


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Notes: Its a fluffy bit of drivel. Wrote it in about half an hour… but hey! Its RPS and not angst! I hope youre all suitably shocked…

All Julian wanted was to sleep. He’d forgotten how much work went into organising a tour. It had all seemed so easy when they were simply talking about it.

He struggled briefly with the door. The hinges needed oiling, or replacing, and it wobbled precariously as Julian tried to ease it open. Finally, he gave up and just barged in, wincing as it banged against the wall and closed with a loud creak. Sighing softly, he pulled his coat off, hung it on the hooks on the wall and headed into the kitchen.

“Noel?” Julian frowned at the empty kitchen, illuminated only by a thin sliver of light from partially closed blind. Strange, he was sure Noel was coming over. He sighed. He had been looking forward to being with Noel tonight. No talk of work, or the tour, just… being together.

Julian yelped as he stepped forward and tripped over a box discarded on the floor. He kicked his shoes off and leant down, rubbing his sore toe.

That’s when he noticed the soft orange glow at the bottom of the dining room door.

“Noel?” He stood, groaning and stretching slightly. “That you?” He stepped forward, and opened the door slowly. Warm light spilt into the kitchen, the aroma of Chinese food swirling up and around, and making Julian’s stomach growl.

Julian stepped forward then stopped short, staring at the scene laid out for him. The table set up in the middle of the room, two tall candles, plates and glasses set out for two. And Noel, sat facing him, his face lit up with a soft, serious smile.

“I…” Julian gaped some more, as Noel laughed quietly, reaching over and plucking the wine bottle from a cooler set at the side of the plates. “Wow.”

Noel didn’t reply straight away, simply poured two generous amounts of wine into the glasses. Then he placed the wine back in the cooler, picked up the two glasses and stood, making his way over to Julian.

“Here.” He said softly, pressing one glass into Julian’s slack fingers, smiling as he felt them tense and settle around the cool glass. Noel took a sip from his own glass, his gaze never leaving Julian’s face.

“You did all this?” Julian tried not to sound too surprised, failing miserably. Noel just smiled, then leant forward and pressed a chaste kiss to Julian’s lips. It took a second for Julian to respond, to press back, swipe his tongue along Noels lips and catch the lingering taste of wine.

“Happy anniversary, Julian.”

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