Slightly kinky Neon/Ultra.

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Teeth by cia

They were in a crappy hotel room, in the middle of nowhere. On a day off from their tour, having a night in because of an early photo shoot, which they were busy customising outfits for. Inspired by the scraps of fabric they were ripping up to make some t-shirts; Neon had pinned her band mate down and secured her, using the pinky red cotton, to the hotel room bed. Ultra had been on top far too often during their current tour, especially the night they took their lycra jumpsuits out for a ride. It was time for Neon to regain control.

“Wha..?” Ultra had protested as she was roughly stripped naked, her ankles bound, legs open and ready for Neon to do whatever she pleased.

“You need to be taught a lesson” Neon growled, running her tongue across a protruding collarbone. Her teeth grazed the bone as she licked, and Ultra gasped at the harsh contact. Then Neon realised the direction she was to take this encounter in.

Neon grinned as Ultra let out a high pitched moan, writhing and straining against the ties binding her to the bed.

“You like that, do you?” Neon smiled as Ultra shuddered and nodded, a shaky ‘uh huh’ escaping her lips.

Neon scraped her teeth down Ultra’s forearm, moving back upwards to her collarbone and running them down her chest. She slowed down as she approached Ultra’s nipple, the other woman’s desperate gasp urging her on, Neon grazed her teeth over it. Ultra bucked her hips towards the body straddling her, a pleading look in her eyes.

Neon smiled again. She’d reduced Ultra to a trembling mess of desire – exactly what she’d set out to do earlier that evening.
“God you’re so easy” she teased her captive. “You like to think you can take control, don’t you? Can you fuck. You’re my bitch, aren’t you? Say it” she whispered, sliding her teeth across the other nipple and running them down Ultra’s ribs, over her hip and right down her inner thigh.

“I-I’m yours, I’m your…” Ultra stopped abruptly as Neon sank her teeth firmly into her inner thigh, sending an explosive shock of pain and tingling pleasure up her spine. Neon flashed Ultra a warning gaze, her teeth bared and still decidedly embedded in her thigh.

“I’m your bitch” she whimpered.

“Good girl” Neon smiled and ran her teeth down the thigh, towards the back of Ultra’s knee. A shock of pleasure from the sensitive skin caused Ultra to jump, her movement impaired by the securely tied restraints. Neon laughed at the other woman’s blatant desperation, painful arousal written all over her face. She knew how much being dominated got Ultra off, the addition of a little bit of pain could probably make her come without any other contact. But, thought Neon, where would be the fun in that? She scraped her teeth up the pale thigh once more, towards Ultra’s throbbing cunt.

“Oh God, please, yes” Ultra responded as Neon very gently bit into the soft skin next to her cunt.

Neon pulled away, fixing Ultra with an intense, dominating stare. “Do you want it?” she asked, the woman swallowing and nodding desperately “You want me to fuck you? Tell me you want me to fuck you, you twisted slut” she slapped Ultra’s thigh, hard, “say it!”

“I-want you fuck me” Ultra all but screamed.

“Beg me.” Came the calm reply. Ultra stared up at her band mate, surprised at the intensity behind Neon’s eyes as the demand was made. “I said fucking beg for it!” Ultra was overcome with a feeling of powerlessness, more than ever before, she realised that Neon could do whatever she wanted to. And the thought send pulses of pleasure straight to her clit. Neon leant over, her breath hot on Ultra’s neck. “What did I say?” she growled, sliding her hands up the helpless body below her, reaching Ultra’s breasts and pinching her nipples until Ultra was moaning, keening and panting:

“Oh God, fuck, I’m begging you, I’m fucking begging you, please, please fuck me, I need you, I need to come, Jesus Neon I fucking beg you, make me come, I’ll do anything, plea-”

She stopped abruptly to cry out, as Neon forced three fingers into Ultra’s hot, wet cunt. She pulled them out, roughly pushing them back in as Ultra strained against the ties, trying to take in more of Neon’s fingers, desperate for more contact. Neon pushed her fingers all the way inside Ultra, smiling as her captive shuddered and moaned, crying her name over and over. She moved, to lick Ultra’s clit gently, teasing her. Ultra moaned and bucked her hips, trying to get Neon to fuck her harder. She responded, picking up the pace of her fingers and grinding her tongue into Ultra’s clit until her muscles started to spasm and her cunt clenched around Neon’s fingers; her orgasm ripping through her.


“Neon, could you move a little to the right?” The photographer clicked away as Neon glared into the lens, over Ultra’s shoulder. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught site of one of the bindings she’d used last night – wrapped around Ultra’s neck as a reminder of their experience last night. Suddenly an idea came to her, and she bared her teeth, sinking them into Ultra’s shoulder. The surprise was evident in Ultra’s expression, and Neon knew that blood would be flowing to her clit like an electric shock. She stared into Ultra’s eyes with a look that made her knees weak. “Just wait ‘till we finish here” she growled into Ultra’s ear.

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