Electro Girl on Girl

Neon and Ultra get it on after a gig. Complete and utter PWP.

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Electro Girl on Girl by cia

“I am electro boy… I am electro girl…”

Ultra watched Neon from behind the drum machine, pulling shapes and working the crowd as she sang into the mic. They had substituted their bulky white overalls for tighter, lycra jumpsuits, to make playing and moving easier. As an added bonus, of course, the brightly coloured, clingy material showed of their taut figures in a way that whipped the audience into frenzy. As Neon jumped around, Ultra couldn’t help but notice the way her body moved, and, upon closer inspection, the way Neon had completely passed by the underwear stage of getting dressed. Almost unconsciously Ultra upped the beat of the music. Ultra knew that this wouldn’t faze her partner, on stage they were so in tune with each other that she was sure she could read Neon’s mind sometimes. Neon effortlessly picked up the new tempo on her guitar, but with the faster beat she was forced to increase the speed of her dancing. Ultra’s gaze on Neon’s body became even more fixed as Neon jumped up and down, her breasts moving and her body writing. She felt blood rush to her cunt as her eyes roved over Neon’s body, and she had a sudden urge to overpower her partner and fu.ck her right there on the stage. Shocked by the visuals racing in her mind, Ultra tore her eyes away from Neon and back to the drums, trying to ignore the throbbing between her legs.

Luckily for her, this was the last song, so she only had to suppress her desire for a short time. Then the lights went out, their lycra glowing, highlighting Neon’s curves as she strutted off stage. As Ultra waved to the audience and followed Neon off, she noticed, highlighted by the glowing material, a decided sway in the other woman’s hips, far more pronounced that her usual walk. Neon was fucking teasing her; Ultra thought, as her stomach jumped and electricity pulsed through her clit. Lust clouded her vision, and as soon as they were backstage Ultra pounced on Neon, thrusting her against the wall adjacent to the stage. So powerful was Ultra’s push, that she lifted Neon off the floor and Neon had no choice but to wrap her legs around Ultra.

She paused, waiting for Neon to struggle, to be made to overpower her and force her partner into submission. But there was no resistance. Ultra moved her eyes from Neon’s breasts, up to focus on her face, and there she met a face as filled with raw lust as Ultra was sure her own was. She crushed her lips to Neon’s own, smudging their fluorescent face paint and roughly forcing her tongue inside the other woman’s mouth, running it over her teeth and duelling with the tongue she met.

Ultra pressed her body further into Neon, crushing her against the wall and grinding her hips into her. The skimpy, skin tight fabric meant that Ultra could feel every contour of Neon’s body, and could feel how hard Neon was pressing her almost painfully hot cunt into Ultra’s pelvis. Ultra’s hands had been digging into Neon’s hips, pinning her in place, but now she moved them up, to feel the shape of her waist, and further up to squeeze her breasts. She pinched Neon’s nipples, hard, eliciting a low moan from her willing prisoner.

It was Neon’s turn to investigate Ultra’s body now. Her arms left the supports of Ultra’s shoulders and slid their way down her back, fingers scraping down and sending tingles down her spine. She grabbed Ultra’s cheeks and squeezed hard, before running her hands down Ultra’s thighs and making her shiver. Breaking the kiss, partly for air, and partly to tear at Neon’s jumpsuit, Ultra looked her band mate in the eyes, silently questioning her. Neon responded by clutching at the neck of Ultra’s outfit, pulling it down to her waist and purposefully brushing her hands over Ultra’s erect nipples. Now it was Ultra’s turn, the cloth now hanging at Neon’s waist too, she worked one nipple with her fingers, teasing the other with her tongue, and Neon shuddered and moaned, bucking against Ultra’s pelvis. Ultra moved slowly away from her position pinning Neon against the wall, giving her feet a chance to find the ground, and steady herself. Then she pounced again, ripping Neon’s jumpsuit down and exposing her hot, wet cunt. Ultra ran her fingers up Neon’s porcelain thighs, the tips lightly dancing against the smooth skin, causing Neon to cry out in desperation, as sparks of pleasure flew to her clit. She licked up Neon’s thigh until her tongue lightly brushed her swollen lips and Neon cried out, bucking her hips towards Ultra, silently begging her for more. Ultra could almost feel her friend inside her head, screaming at her, pleading with her to make her come. Ultra grinned and looked up at Neon, revelling in the desperation in her eyes.

“Please, oh God Ultra fuck me, I’m begging you, please, please”

Grinning again, Ultra pushed two fingers inside her friend, deliciously slowly, savouring the sensation of the hot wetness enveloping her fingers. A sharp intake of breath from Neon, and Ultra curled her fingers, making Neon’s knees buckle and a high pitched moan escape her lips. Ultra flicked her tongue out to brush Neon’s clit, and at the same time pushed another finger inside her, thrusting and curling them to a fast rhythm. God, she tastes fantastic, Ultra thought, as her tongue licked from where her fingers were disappearing, up to Neon’s clit, and back down. Ultra’s cunt was almost painful and she began to finger herself in time with the rhythm she’d set for fucking Neon, moaning into her clit as she licked and sucked and swirled her tongue over it.

Neon’s breathing deepened and she grabbed at Ultra’s hair, entwining her fingers in it as she began pushing her cunt down onto Ultra’s fingers and moaning with increasing desperation, her muscles contracting around them as she began to shake and her orgasm tore through her, a strangled, ecstatic sound escaping her lips as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed though her entire body.

Ultra watched through her eyelashes as Neon came, and the sight of her eyes tight shut, mouth open with hair plastered against her face was almost enough to send her over the edge. When Neon recovered, Ultra removed her fingers and sucked each one, tasting Neon once again as she rubbed her clit with her thumb and thrust into herself with her fingers. Suddenly a hand was batting away her thumb; it was Neon, pushing her down to lie on the floor. In a flash her tongue was on Ultra’s clit, circling it, teasing it and sucking. She grabbed Ultra’s wrist, stopping her mid thrust and pulled her two fingers out, pushing three of her own inside, thrusting and curling them at lightning speed as Ultra felt her orgasm build inside her, throwing her head back and screaming Neon’s name over and over again, thrusting and bucking her hips helplessly as she came, delirious with pleasure.

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