Chris is sleeping and dreaming of Noel… Noel watches him sleep… Chris wakes up… what next?


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Infatuation by annabananna

Chris always thought of Noel as a close friend but lately he seemed more physically attracted to him…more infatuated. I mean the kiss at one of their recent gigs proved that… but he felt that to Noel, he was just another friend. I mean he kisses Julian all the time, and he’s seen him kiss Dave on more than one occasion. Even THE Russell Brand, camp self proclaimed straight got into Noel when the alcohol took affect. Yet Chris couldn’t help but feel that what he and Noel shared was…different… Or at least he hoped it was…

Chris yearned for Noel. Every time Noel ran his fingers through his hair, Chris wished so much that they were replaced by his, so that he too could feel the silken strands flowing through his fingers the way that only water should. The way he would seek out his mouth and capture it completely. The way he would run his hands over that pale perfect body. The way he would make him say his name like a prayer…

“Chris… Chris… Chris mate! Wake up! You’ve bin dozing for ages!”

Chris stirred, a bit narked that he had been woken from such a pleasant dream. But when he opened his eyes, all of the frustration melted away, as he was met with a pair of crystal blue ones. Their wasn’t much light in the room but there was enough emanating from the two small table lamps to see every detail of the intruder without being blinded.

“Noel?” Chris said, rubbing his eyes.

“ I know I wasn’t supposed to wake you mate but I was so bored…there is nothing to do here!” said Noel, Perching on the bed besides Chris.

“ Noel… it’s a hotel…what did u expect?” Said Chris, sitting up. He was half naked and under the present circumstances, he felt embarrassed. He wouldn’t show it though because Noel would then know that something was up. Luckily though he went to sleep with his jeans on so he could hide any obvious indications of an aftermath of his dream.

“ I dunno…just something that was more…well…exhilarating…I mean there is nothing on TV and I don‘t really read much so…”

“ Sorry to disappoint,” Chris said with an amused, yet tired, smile. This earned a warm sort of smiley-giggle from Noel. Chris pressed on, out of fear of being lost to the moment entirely. “ Anyway Noel…How did you get in my room?”

“ You must have left the latch off, because I just kind of turned the door handle and walked in I suppose. You should be more careful mate…someone might come in an rape you”…said Noel giggling and grinning. Chris laughed too.

“Yeah I should really check shouldn‘t I!” Noel nodded and smiled. ”…Ok that leaves one more question…how long have you been here?” Chris was genuinely worried because he apparently talked in his sleep when something was bothering him, so this situation was not the best one he has been in.

“ Oh…about half and hour…”

`Half an hour!` Chris thought ` he must have heard something…he must have!`


Sensing that something wasn’t right, and judging by the expression on Chris’ face his intuition was right. To Noel he looked utterly perplexed!

“ Chris… You …Alright?” This darted him right out of his daydream state.

“ Yeah I’m fine…”

“ Look sorry…I didn’t mean to come in and perv on you while you were asleep but you have that no knocking rule and stuff so I just walked in and then you just looked so sweet…” and at that point Noel just trailed off. He had turned a rose shade about his cheeks and Chris couldn’t help but smile.

“ Hey…don’t worry about it…I don’t mind” Chris said. With this Noel looked relieved. Then came the silence. That awkward silence that comes with every single conversation like this.

All the pair were doing were staring into each others eyes. Searching each others faces for some sign of what to do next. They drew closer, mouths slightly parted.

To Chris, Noel’s lips looked rosy, plump, ready and enticing, and to Noel, Chris just looked so perfect in every way. They closed the gap quickly. As their lips touched it felt like taking a drug for the first time. The way your adrenaline becomes the only thing that you hear. The way you move to the beat of it. The dizziness you feel in your head. The way that the thrill drives you. Amazing.

The kiss was gentle at first and then it became ravenous and needy. Tongues danced together and fought. Chris won out in the end and Noel seemed all too content to let Chris have his way with his mouth.

When Chris realized what he had done he gently broke the kiss and looked at Noel, his right hand still on Noel’s face. He was worried for the reaction but was eased as he saw Noel’s eyes misted with passion and his soft, warm smile.

Noel’s lips, and the area around them were pink and luscious looking, after the recent onslaught upon them. Chris thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He just couldn’t resist.

Noel drew in this time, eager for more. He pushed himself on top of Chris. Chris wouldn’t object, Would he hell! Tonight was the night that his dreams became a reality.

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